Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chase Park Fundraiser Coming August 16 And 17

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Note: Nick's On Wilson, The upcoming 7-Eleven on Wilson, Crew, BodyFit, Uptown Recording and other Uptown businesses are sponsoring this event that takes place August 16 and 17 at Chase Park on Clark between Leland and Lawrence. All proceeds to benefit Chase Park to build a new playground and replace existing equipment. Volunteers for this event are still needed. Please contact Devin Ball at 847-677-8273 to volunteer your time.


  1. Please show your support at this fundraiser. I was a child whose home away from home was Chase Park in the 60s and it still holds a special place in my heart.

  2. I know they have been working on this for years. It is very important for our area. Since "Bronco Billy" park is to dangerous at times with the Magnolia gang shooting up the street, and the foul mouthed unsupervised kids running around.

    Chase Park has become a safe place to bring our kids. It just needs a little update thats all.

    Gene Schulter has done a great job with the parks in his distict.

  3. Sadly, Bronco Billy park has been lost to the less desirable elements of our neighborhood. We used to go there, but I heard too many five year olds using the word "nigger" for my liking. There are some things I just cannot attempt to explain to my three year old. Throw in the drugs and gangs, and its just lost.

    So we walk the extra distance to Chase park. Filled with families and tons of nice kids playing soccer. Its definately a little oasis in the city, but the equipment is old and needs some love. We'll definately be there to support the park.

  4. Unrelated but how come the "ticker" is still counting for WIlson Yard. Seems like they've (finally) begun construction.

  5. They're removing the poisoned soil and replacing it. That's not construction. If real construction had started, don't you think Shiller and Holsten would be shouting it from the rooftops?

  6. Gotcha - saw the activity and the big yellow machines. They also put some sort of metal wall in the ground, I thought maybe that was for the foundation or something.

  7. If anyone (Buena Pointe?) can take a photo of what's going on inside Wilson Yard and can send it to Uptown Update, we're really curious.

    And if it *is* construction, rather than soil remediation, we're willing to be proven wrong.

  8. The toxic Wilson Yard dirt is staying. They're building on top of it. Guess the poor kids and seniors exposure to lead, arsenic and PCBs doesn't matter to Holsten and Shiller.

    In 20 years, when Wilson Yard is declared a toxic waste dump and the kids' cancer rates are soaring through the roof, Shiller will drooling in a nursing home and Holsten will be golfing in Phoenix.

    They're also tracking and blowing the heavily contaminated soil all over the neighborhood. You're breathing in the toxins every day.

    They HAVE started construction. The low income housing work has started. No retail, no Target.

  9. It does seem like construction has started. There is something like a "caisson auger" or "caisson drill" on the site.

    Perhaps someone could call the alderbeast and ask. Oops, I forgot no communication allowed from alderbeast to constituents.

    Photo of a caisson auger or drill.

    This is not a photo from Wilson Yard, but a similar beastie(machine) is on the site.

    In this sense "caisson" refers to the beginnings of a foundation.

    Given the location of the beastie on the site it seems to be where the proposed residential buildings are to go. At least it was a few days ago.