Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chicago Reader: 'Will Do Anything For Wilson Yard TIF'

Check out the full list here.

UPDATE: As The Reader predicted, Alderman Shiller continued her allegiance to Mayor Daley and voted for the Children's Museum. Interesting to note that Alderman Tunney (44th Ward Alderman just to the south of the 46th Ward) and Alderman Schulter (47th Ward Alderman to the west of the 46th) both voted against the Mayor's plan to give the Children's Museum a piece of Grant Park. If only the 46th Ward had a large chuck of vacant land with public transportation access and parking options ....


  1. I love how the people are being ignored in this issue. Here goes Daley and Helen deciding whats best for the "good" of the people. It amazes me that Helen votes the same way as Daley 100% of the time. I can't even agree with myself 100% of the time. Grow a backbone Helen.

    This qoute sums up Chicago politics in a nut shell....

    "Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience."
    -C.S. Lewis

  2. I with they would put the Children's Museum in Uptown.

  3. hey B..

    We could put it in Uptown if only we had a LARGE VACANT space.

    It sure is a shame we don't have a lARGE VACANT space by the Red Line.

    If we only had a LARGE VACANT space on Broadway then we could solve this whole problem.

    Can anyone think of a LARGE VACANT space in Uptown?????

    Gosh Darn it.

  4. Click on the link that says "Full List"; when that page opens, scroll down the list to Shiller's name and click on "Wilson Yard TIF."

    The link opens a Chicago Reader profile of Shiller that provides a detailed background of her political career, which certainly makes her appear less of a demon than she is portrayed by many Uptown Update commenters.

  5. I'm certain the profile, that she or her people writes is extremely flattering BillyJoe. It's kind of the point of the profile, its like a resume. You tend to not include certain facts about yourself on your resume, like how you got fired from the pizza joint you worked at when you were 17, or that time you were arrested for being drunk in public when you were 22.

    She's not going have a bullet point that states - "Frequently railroads policy down the throats of my constituents whether they like it or not, because it suits my political agenda and makes for great media opportunities."

  6. I read the same thing billyjoe. Being new(er) to the neighborhood, I have to admit it was nice to get a little more insight from someone else. I find this site to be helpful and informative - but I do find a lot of the ‘commenters’ to be extremely biased and find anyone with a differing opinion to be wrong right away. It's tough to want to get involved with anything for fear they will all be as radical as some have been on the posts.

  7. The profile certainly wasnt a "press release" or a
    "resume" submitted by Shiller or her staff. It was a profile written and researched by a member of the Chicago Reader (the respected Ben Joravsky?) staff. Im guessing it appeared in a 2007 Chicago Reader profile of the Uptown neighborhood.

  8. Wow she must be good. The media would never be biased.

    All us mean people in Uptown just have it in for her!

    I love that she rejects any comunity festival that comes her way. Oh Exept that lame one she holds at Truman with about 5 vendors, a face painter, and some inflatables.

    I love how she sent out a rendering of Wilson Yard right before election and two years later there is still nothing there.

    I love How Uptown does not have one safe puplic school to send our kids to. I know the ladies over at the preschool on Magnolia are trying so forgive me.

    Whats not to love about Helen? She is the best at creating victicrats. She might keep the shelters going but what does she do to get people off assistance? Why would they when people like Helen have been saying for years that she will take care of them because she doesn't believe they can take care of themselves.

  9. Here's what I have to say about Helen Shiller: She is actually a very gentle woman who I truly believe has her heart in the right place in her attempts to serve the less fortunate. In a lot of ways I really do like her. In fact, I'm practically in love with the idea of her. A leftist independent kickin' it to the man? Chicago needs that!

    However, Chicago politics is a brutal beast and she has made A LOT of trade-offs to keep the power she controls. Living Wage Ordinance? Labor Ready? Keeping silent to Daley-backed displacement of the poor elsewhere in the city and other policies related to CHA and the CPS? Where is that leftist independent I thought I voted for?

    Affordable housing is her one trick pony. It is important...very important. But creating it in the few spots you can get it wins you kudos from your buddies but it does not really address the problem. In fact, it ends up enabling the worst tendencies of your enemies. Same thing with shouldering burdens that they themselves should be carrying as well. I believe it has prevented us from developing really quality services for whatever this area could reasonably handle on its own. The simple fact is that we are far beyond our tipping point. What should have happened (and should still be happening) is that we do our part but we very vocally do not excuse others from doing their part. Unfortunately, (back to that Chicago politics is a beast) none of the good hearted people around here who have the heart to turn anyone away has been able to point it out to others. So, they do it locally and people are "haters" because you dare mention that you don't have a true voice in your own affairs and you aren't getting the kind of mixed community they themselves sold you on.

    Helen Shiller is a good person. But many of the tactics that have been used in pursuit of her goals have not been good. Many of us seek to point them out in order to make this a place that is good for all. With love, Saskia

  10. Saskia as always...well said. You rock.

  11. I second that Saskia... here, here, and well said.

    Don't confuse anger with hatred folks. I don't discount that there are plenty of good things that Helen Shiller has done for Uptown, and I don't doubt that her heart is in the right place. However, her job is to represent and serve the interests of everyone in her ward, not just those that prefers to serve. Blatantly ignoring and polarizing a large segment of your constituents, demoninzing them even, is never acceptable, from any Alderman.

    No one likes to be ignored, and what you are seeing now is people that are fed up and angry at this point. We didn't come here angry, and we didn't come here looking for a fight. Most of us I'm sure tried all the traditional channels to voice our opinion, and push for answers and change, and found not someone willing to help, but a door slammed in our face. That makes people angry and hopefully, active.

  12. "I don't discount that there are plenty of good things that Helen Shiller has done for Uptown, and I don't doubt that her heart is in the right place. "

    I don't think her heart is in the right place. I think her head likes her $100,000+ a year, cake job. If her heart was in the right place, she would have a much better attendace record at city council meetings, she would oppose Daley at least sometimes, and she wouldn't abstain from crucial votes.

  13. The votes are in for the Children's Museum. Smith and Shiller both voted YES to the Children's Museum moving to Grant Park and Schulter, Moore and Tunney voted NO.

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