Friday, June 13, 2008

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Part V): Sinkhole On Leland

The long-open sinkhole that caused the bubbling geyser at Leland and Magnolia has been fixed as well.

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  1. Consider this sinkhole explanation …
    Though some sink holes are caused by careless deeds of people, or maybe other natural and explainable causes … many of the circular sinkholes occur because of a solid object that was once there in no longer in place … many Ancient Crafts having long since settled undetected below surface… are now of a quickened acceleration, have simply vanished from one place to appear in a higher place ….

    Many people would be surprised to know …. just how much UFOs and other Ancient Celestial Objects are associated with some of Earth’s so called natural disasters … and surprised even more so when the frequency veil surrounding this planet is totally dissolved … proof is in the pudding … we just haven’t received our due portion of the pudding … not just yet …

    Some Ancient Crafts drained of their ‘plasma cores’ had long since settled just beneath earth’s surface, some had settled very deep below surface …. The bigger the craft or object once settled, the bigger the sinkhole left behind when they are plucked away … cloaking barriers kept them undetected … many had searched, but could not find them ….

    SOON… a global trembling of an earthquake measuring an unheard of magnitude, will take place as a matrix opening beneath the ocean floor gives way for the passing through of a mammoth size Structure …. It will be of a glistening Metallic Object of Exotic Material … It will be manually operated …. It is an Ancient Pyramid Power Facility … The Eye of this Pyramid will roar of a powerful Plasma Field of Energy … the roar will be felt as a tremble throughout the planet …. It will elevate itself up to temporarily sit outside of Earth’s atmosphere … not many tall structures will be left standing after this trembling quake …

    I’m just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say as Messenger for this new UFO era approaching …Nothing to sell … Nothing to Buy … just answers to the many MYSTICAL ’WHYs?’. … be well … be safe … be aware !