Saturday, May 3, 2008

Where Is This Strange Land?

From a story in Inside Online on a new community project:

The developer: “We understand the importance of keeping the community, area residents and businesses informed about the project. Not only do we want to be able to share information on the proposal with the public, but we want to get their feedback as well. We hope the site will serve as a source of information for everyone interested in the project.”

The alderman: “The residents, businesses and community organizations ... need a place to learn the latest news on proposed developments and a way to communicate their suggestions or concerns. Development in the ward cannot move ahead without community involvement and input. We welcome the debate and feedback on this proposal.”

This crazytalk is going on just one ward to the south, in the 44th. Once again, Uptown Update reflects on how much difference a ward boundary makes in the attitude toward its bad apples residents.

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  1. The wards surrounding the 46 ward have aldermen that actually listen to their constituants and act for the good of the entire community.

    The aldermen in these wards have created healthy, vibrant neighborhoods with good schools.

    The retail streets in Andersonville, Southport and Lincoln Square draw lots of residents who spend money in the shops and restaurants.

    They care about crime, create safe welcoming parks and work hard to improve the public spaces and transportation. They get it.