Saturday, May 3, 2008

Book 'Em, Danno

Our local Borders is getting more involved in the neighborhood and wants to pass along some information on events of interest:
  • Story Time every Wednesday at 11am. Stories & snacks for young kids. Most are 6 & under, but we can set something up for other groups. It's great to have advanced notice of large groups so we can prepare snacks for everyone.

  • May 3, 2pm Ted Okuda will be having a discussion & book signing of "Chicago TV Horror Movie Shows." This is his book about classic horror tv shows like Svengoolie.

  • May 10, 2pm D. Smith (local family & author) will be signing & discussing his book "On the Job." This book is about the Chicago Police Dept. & is based on research & interviews.

  • Also, we recently started an Open Mike night. I will have to pass on more details.

  • Book drive for McCormick Boys & Girls Club (on Sheridan). The club is working to expand their library for kids to utilize. We have partnered with them to achieve this goal. Customers simply select a book from our store & at the time of purchase inform the cashier it is for the B & G Club. We are collecting books for another week & then taking them to McCormick.

  • We are also open to community input & ideas of other ways we can better serve our neighbors' needs.


  1. this is very cool.

    my guy and i went to a great reading a few months back with a minneapolis writer who wrote about the replacements. it was really fun and had a great turnout as well.

    thanks, borders, for giving us some great FREE things to do in uptown chicago!

  2. Story Time on wednesdays is great. The kid who reads the stories is amazing, and then they bring out crayons, markers & pictures for the kids to color. There is often a class of kids from a nearby daycare and Borders is great to share snack with everyone.

    I would say appropriate for 4 or 5 and under.

  3. Any way they could open the doors to their cafe? I bet there would be a line out the door for coffee. Its just too hard to get to if you just want to grab coffee and go...

  4. i was told they used to open the doors (i'm pretty sure my fiance, a long-time uptown resident, said they even had outdoor seating there) but that theft was a problem, so they had to get rid of it.

    i wish they could have it open too...i love love love their peppermint mocha trio...SO much better than the equivalent at starbucks!

  5. I worked there a while back. The cafe doors where a huge problem. Lots of product walked out those doors. It was a quick and easy escape route.

    I'm glad to see they are still sticking it out in the neighborhood and trying to get involved. I hope corporate continues to give them the flexibility to do this.

  6. The book drive for the McCormick Boys & Girls Club is an absolutely fabulous idea. The Club and the McCutcheon School do not have nearly enough books for their participants/students.

    Donating books to the club would be a really terrific and easy way to get involved positively with the community. I plan to give generously and I hope others will do as well!

  7. I also worked at the Uptown store a couple yrs. ago. Sadly the outside seating went away due in large part to shoplifters.
    Also; the city requirements & costs for outside seating also played a part.
    Know that the staff was always happy to hear that people appreciate the store.

  8. I attended the Wednesday reading once as well and the guy who does the readings(especially the pidgeon books) does a great job. If you read the pidgeon books to your kids, this is great.He reads 4-5 books of varying levels. My daughter is only 3, so she got a bit antsy, but thats really her issue.

    I really wish they would do one of these on the weekends. Heck, he's so good that i'd even pay.

  9. My wife and I work on weekdays so a weekend would be so much better. Maybe a Sat morning at 9:30 could also be added for those of us that can't make a Wed reading.

  10. They say they want community input, so my suggestion is to give the manager a call and let them know.

  11. I thought I read somewhere (not sure if it was on UU), that because of growing corporate problems, Borders was going to close some stores. The Uptown store was one the chopping block. Do I remember wrong or have their fortunes changed?

    I'd like to see them stay. They seem to be a good neighbor and these events are great for the neighborhood.