Friday, May 16, 2008

Raising The Roof

The overhead canopy on the platform of the Wilson L is being replaced. If you are caught up there during a rainstorm, the northern section has the old roofing still. We have to admit, our decrepit L station has received more TLC this year than arguably in the last 20 years. We doubt that will still keep folks from voting it the most disgusting L station in the Sun-Times. It has a lot of potential and residents look forward to the day when the CTA cares enough to actually RENT OUT THE VACANT STOREFRONTS (doesn't the CTA need money?) and repair the crumbling facade.


  1. The roof on the Lawerence platform is also in the process of being replaced.

  2. Why is the CTA doing this if they're going to be moving the Wilson El station?

    At the Truman parking garage meeting, Huberman said they will be hosting community meetings soon to discuss moving the Wilson El station.

    Any news on the meetings?

  3. and the argyle roof.

  4. Sure Ron Huberman said there would be a meeting to discuss moving the Wilson El station. He was just blowing smoke because there ain't no money. He also said that the CTA owned buildings that have been empty would be put on fast track to get them rented out. Odd that he never spoke with the Chamber about this. I don't believe a word of it.

  5. Maybe if the CTA rented out all its vacant properties, and had sold the Wilson Yard land for something approaching its actual value, there'd BE money!

    The Majestic Shop, under the L tracks at Leland and Wilson, rents for the "majestic" sum of about $300/month. It's in horrible condition, but ... a little upkeep and ... voila! They could charge REAL prices and stop having to have annual CTA Doomsday Scenarios.

    This is not a difficult concept, but the CTA doesn't seem to quite get it.

  6. Anyone know how long this is supposed to take? I'm a block away and the power machinery going till 3 or 4 a.m. doesn't make for the best nights of sleep. It seems like it's been going on for three or four weeks now. Anyone know how long it's projected to last?

  7. From the files:

    2007 Initiatives and Achievements:

    "Creative Alliance of Uptown – In cooperation with the City of Chicago Departments of Planning and Development and Cultural Affairs, Upcorp has led and partnered with local agencies Plans are under way to include visual and performance art in the vacant CTA station shops and to create art around a theme with residents of the Leland Hotel to display at the Leland"

    And, Hell has not yet frozen over.

  8. Me thinks this will result in a cheap poster of a woman holding a cabbage or a cigarette just like the Joan Arai "Art Display" windows in the TIF district Aldi's building that replaced the real real glass windows shown in the architect's drawings.