Friday, May 16, 2008

Graeme Stewart Park Update

Judging from what has been accomplished at the upcoming Graeme Stewart Park, it may be finished fairly soon. It looks like a cul-de-sac and a sidewalk in front of the school has been added thus far. Hopefully, this park will be a nice addition to the neighborhood and not used for other purposes.


  1. Helen, I know you read this. This is a warning that we will take photos of people drinking and urinating in this new park. We are not going to buy any excuse that you can't do anything about this.

    When the city tried to pass an ordinance to stop loitering, you did your best to oppose it. We will be watching. We can be your worst nightmare if you don't do your job.

  2. I thought this was supposed to be a park for the 100s of kids moving into the subsidized Wilson Yard apartments? Looks like a bunch of concrete, not much of a playground.

  3. Is that a urinal in the center for all the locals to piss into?

  4. i really miss this school and the teachers. love former student
    jasmine jones

    p.s. its starting to look good.