Tuesday, May 6, 2008

New 'Viet Bowl' Coming On Wilson

We've been wondering for some time now what was coming to the vacant storefront to the east of the dreaded Wilson Club Hotel. Now, judging by the nice signage added to the storefront, we can expect "Viet Bowl" to open soon. We hope the store owners can keep the Wilson Club loiterers at bay, especially the ones who sit on the gas meter directly to the left of this new business entrance. That will surely keep some business away if it isn't nipped in the bud. We look forward to some good noodle soup on Wilson!


  1. Walked by today and Wow, this place looks great! If only it wasn't next to the Wilson Hotel. The amount of bums that hangout right in front of this location is troubling. Maybe they will be able to control it.

  2. If the food is good they will get a lot of my business. Being by the train is perfect, as there are plenty of days when I come home from work hungry and too lazy to cook.

    As far as controlling their storefront, they should talk to Nick's. That bar seems to know what it's doing as I never see trouble in front of its doors.

  3. We go up to Argyle a lot for great Vietnamese food. Love that the new owners are putting time and money into it!

    Wilson Men's Club may be going
    by-by with the May 29 court date for drug issues. Once that's gone, we'll see a major change in shops.

    Oh, does anyone have a date for the community meeting CTA president Huberman promised for the Wilson El station and stores?

  4. No. Wilson Men's Club will not be going bye-bye, anon 9:45. The City will never close it down because it has too many friends who are protecting it. The affordable housing crowd knows all about the conditions inside but are willing to overlook them in the name of keeping these marginalized men housed and independent. Wilson Men's Club is one of the City's dirty little secrets that will last and last until the affordable housing crowd stops trying to make ideological points on the backs of our most troubled members of society. They are willing to romanticize these men and their situation but they are not willing to actually do something real about what is happening. And the Mayor, all to happy to yield responsibility for these issues to others, keeps letting the situation fester. Even in the wake of a tragedy, it is just too easy for the Mayor to deflect blame onto someone or something else. So why rock the boat with the organized and vocal affordable housing crowd?

    One thing we could do is demand better solutions for these men and the community we all live in. But for the most part I don't see that happening either. A small step will occur in housing court but we just need a broader-based movement calling for substantial change to how places like Wilson Club are being dealt with. It is so tiring having to do this again and again at every turn in Uptown and being called the nastiest names while you are doing it. More people need to turn on and tune in to the poverty and suffering that exists around them and not allow everyone else in the City to forget that these problems exist.

    Good luck to the new Viet Bowl but who can blame the Wilson Club men from escaping the hell's kitchen conditions in there when the summer months roll around? We're about to see more loitering at this location, not less.

  5. Maybe we can break down their front door and steal their cash register as a welcome to the neighborhood gesture?

  6. I heard the placed is run by the owner of the Chinese take-out next door. Awesome Chinese food there, though. I'm going to ask the owner!!!

  7. I have a buddy in Philly who is a certified Pho expert. I'll have to bring him by for a taste test.