Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Medill News: "Community Group Sues City Over Day-Labor Site"

by Adam Verwymeren, May 06, 2008

A community group in Uptown has sued the city in an attempt to shut down a planned day-labor site, claiming the city picked the site without proper community input.

The plaintiffs in the case, Mary Anne Phelan and Cynthia Lynn Anderson, who run the Web site, say the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting on February 15, 2008, did not allow for sufficient community input.

They claim that only four local residents opposed to the site were allowed to speak and that the community was not given sufficient notice to mount a case against Labor Ready, the company attempting to set up shop at 4834 N. Sheridan Road.

Read the entire article here.

Our favorite part is the oldie-but-goodie: "Shiller was unavailable for comment."


  1. where do you send contributions? thanks cindy for doing this.

  2. Clarification: Cindi & Molly do not "run" the website. There have been many people involved in the effort to stop labor ready and various people have taken various roles in this grass roots effort.

  3. Lawyer John Pikarski bio

    New guy eh? Time for him to make a name for himself!

    /That is one hell of a resumé

  4. Hey all,
    Thanks for reading my story. I am looking to do a follow-up story on how members of the Uptown community are organizing to challenge Ald. Shiller and her vision for the ward. I would be happy to hear from any community members or neighborhood groups who would like to comment on the issue. Send me an email at

  5. Anon 9:41AM

    You can go to to learn more about donating to this cause. Donations go to UCC and are tax deductible.


  6. Now when everyone succeeds and prevents Labor Ready to open, you all can utilize that same energy and make a stance about people loitering in streets drunk, high or both. These are the real sore eyes for the community not the working class people.

  7. The issue of people standing around drunk and high with no hope and no prospects, etc., runs deeper than enforcement of loitering ordinances (even if we had some) could fix. We need to get some social services in here to help these people turn their lives around. Oh wait...

  8. More from the News-Star:

    Uptown residents sue Zoning Board

    Complaint alleges error in Labor Ready decision


    Uptown residents have filed a complaint in the Cook County Circuit Court's Chancery Division in an attempt to overturn the Zoning Board of Appeals decision to grant a special use permit to Labor Ready Midwest so it can open a day labor office at 4830-34 N. Sheridan Road.

    The complaint, filed last Friday, alleges that residents opposed to the Labor Ready office were denied due process accorded to them under Illinois law...


  9. from the News-Star:

    Smith broke her silence on the Labor Ready issue last week, telling New-Star,

    "I never would have put it there"

    this was Smith's 1st comment?

    thanks a lot