Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Killer Potholes Finally Filled In

A reader alerted us that the famous Potholes Of Filth And Destruction have finally gotten some fixin'.

We went past Windsor and Sunnyside to see for ourselves, and -- while they're far from perfect -- at least pets, small children and MiniCoopers no longer need fear their wrath.


  1. maybe now they can get to some of the others. Like the one at the mouth of the alley on the south side of Lawrence, between Kenmore and Sheridan.

  2. Did you call it in? There was a huge hole at Kenmore and Wilson and it was filled in a few days after I called it in. (Or maybe I did it online, can't remember.)

  3. Not to nitpick, but couldn't they have taken that four foot pile of dirt and cement debris they generated with them?

    Oh well, 311 hasn't heard from me in at least 5 days. On second thought, let low income housing provider Community Housing Partners handle it. It's on their parkway. Tina Ward this one's for you.

  4. Of course I called it in.