Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kenmore Christopher House Kaput

The Christopher House location at 4303 North Kenmore that closed last year and was sold to a developer started demolition yesterday.

Christopher House continues to operate at five other locations.

Thanks, as always, to our readers who let us know what's going on in the community and who send in photos.


  1. It is interesting to note that 2/5 locations are in Uptown. Were there once three in Uptown or did they just close one location and open another?

    I am not against Christoper House in any way but it is awfully hard for outsiders to understand what local residents talk about in terms of concentration of services when one location (4701 N. Winthrop) is called "Uptown" and another location (850 W. Eastwood) is called "Lakeshore." C'mon now, both are in Uptown! There is no such neighborhood as "Lakeshore"! On the other hand, it is good to see that they are pursuing geographical diversity in their programming. A new location was opened up in Logan Square.

    It is time to start bringing much-needed family resources to communities all over Chicagoland. Good luck to them in their new endeavors.

  2. This is sad.. I went to preschool there.