Thursday, May 29, 2008

Heerrrrre's Johnny! Public Enemies (And Parking Restrictions) Back In Uptown

Courtesy of the latest email alert from Business Partners:

Public Enemies is scheduled to shoot Tuesday (6/3) & Wednesday (6/4) at the Aragon Ballroom. They'll begin prep this Saturday (5/31). The proposed parking restrictions are as follows:

May 31, June 1, Sat & Sun (5am-10pm)
  • Both sides of Winthrop: Lawrence north for ½ block
  • East side of Winthrop: Lawrence south for ½ block
  • Both sides of Lawrence: Kenmore to Clifton
June 2-4, Monday (2pm) thru Wednesday (11pm)
  • Both sides of Winthrop: Leland to Ainslie
  • Both sides of Lawrence: Kenmore to Broadway
  • Both sides of Clifton: Lawrence to Broadway
  • East side of Broadway: Lawrence to Clifton
Wednesday night, they may shoot an exterior of the Aragon which would require closing Lawrence. There is a chance, however, that today and tomorrow's weather may change their schedule for next week.


  1. There's a cool photo essay on the Tribune's website about how Public Enemies turned the Biograph back into how it looked in the 1930s.

    Can't wait to see what they do with the Aragon.

    Biograph Photos

  2. You wont... Its a closed set.

  3. Darn. I had hoped to see the Aragon and surrounding properties all dolled up like the old Biograph.