Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Clean & Green

Truman Square Neighbors, along with many other Uptown block clubs, got together on May 17th to pick up some of the detritus left by the long winter.
Here's a photo of a group of us from Truman Square Neighbors Block Club last Saturday for Clean & Green. This year we spent less than 2 hours picking up about 6 large bags of trash. Three years ago we easily had 3 times this amount, but there's less trash left on the ground these days. We were all delighted to see the change.


  1. Who is the cute guy third from left?

  2. Shiller must have been cut out of the picture. Cause I know she had to be there. She lives for a nicer cleaner hood.

  3. Anon 9:32-

    I thought the same thing!!
    They need to keep him involved in neighborhood things like this!! I am sure it will help the turn-out tremendously!