Monday, May 12, 2008

Broken Windows Theory

A reader commented:
Did anyone notice on Friday that Shiller's "Information" window looked like it had a bullet looking hole on the bottom of the window?

We went by this afternoon to take a look, and -- while we're not overly familiar with what bullet holes look like -- it does appear someone went after the office window with ill will.

We don't wish harm or victimization on anyone, particularly our neighbors, but it is rather ironic that someone whose chief of staff refuses to discuss crime in the neighborhood, and who actively opposes the theory of "Broken Windows," has suffered so many instances of her own office windows being broken.


  1. The "Broken Windows" comment is ironically amusing, but these incidents aren't. That is what the 4th trashed window in 18 months or so. Maybe the 5th?

    If this were prior to an election I might suggest it might be some misguided Pro Shiller type trying to garner her sympathy. Since it keeps happening I have to guess it is some mentally disturbed individual with a personal grudge at Shiller or her staff. I need the redheaded actress from the "X Files" to help me draw up a profile. It could take weeks and weeks of time spent in a hot tub with alcohol working on the profile. In fact I probably would forget how to spell "profile".

    Maybe we will get lucky and the vandal will get hit by a stray bullet in the arse while walking over to do his stupidity.

  2. Why shouldn't she catch a few bullets too?

    It's not like the rest of us haven't had errant shots fired into our homes over the years. My lobby's been shot up more than once.

    There used to be a guy who sold guns right out of the trunk of his car in broad daylight parked on Broadway at Sunnyside, next to the Salvation Army Shelter. His trunk was loaded with everything from handguns to rifles and bullets.

    It was kindof hard to pass by coming from the Aldi's and avert your eyes like you didn't see anything with 10 guys standing around watching you. I haven't seen him there for a long time, but what does she expect with that dealing going for years across the street from her office? The Gangster Disciples aren't interested in protecting her anymore.