Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bribe Taking At The Zoning And Building Department

Wonder if anyone involved with zoning in Uptown will be implicated?

Read all about it at the Chicago Tribune here.


  1. I don't understand why the Alderman have so much say in zoning matters anyway we should have a comprehensive urban plan and treat all neighborhoods accordingly.

  2. Never in a million years would Daley want it that way. The goal is not good urban planning. The goal is to let the aldermen feel like they have some semblance of power so that they will always kneel at his feet.

  3. Not to over-state the obvious, but ...

    it is interesting how the Feds are the ones cleaning up the rampant corruption in Chicago.

    A decent and good mayor, along with a pro-active City Council should have either prevented any of this from happening, or stamped it out themselves.

    (yeah, I couldn't finish that last sentence without chuckling, either)

  4. One of the problems is that the City Inspector General is not allowed to investigate allegations of corruptive practices on the part of aldermen and their staff. It's strictly forbidden. It's the aldermen who called the shots on this decision. The way corruptive practices of aldermen are monitored is through the FBI, and they rarely step in.

    I would be curious if there is any other city in the country that also restricts their city council from ever being investigated except on a state or federal level.

  5. Gee, I wonder if this will explain how the Jay Bomberg's Wilson Men's Hotel passed it's inspections to obtain a new hotel license in January 2008 when 4 months later it has 44 serious building violations heading into housing court.

    With the ownership change, the cubicle hotel had to pass those inspections.

  6. I know my developer paid off the City.

    You won't believe the problems we had and I know it also isn't 100% to fire code.

    Our elevator didn't have a working emergency phone for a year or more and City didn't care.

    They only care when they are embarrassed or get sued. They Daley blames everyone but the City.

  7. how can we get a hold of the people in charge of the investigation and let them know about Wilson Men's Club - why are the people of uptown considered by the media as whims... revolution is the answer

  8. James, correction - the State's Attorney could also go after the City, but it doesn't. This is one of the subjects that Larry Suffredin was running on. However, seeing that Larry voted against the pay raise & increased budget for the State's Attorney's Office, can't blame them as they are over worked and under paid as it is.

  9. Go onto the Trib blog about this story. Post what has been going on in Uptown and the fact that the Trib has ingored it for so many years. It was almost out in the open for a paper like the Trib to get an exclusive investigation story. I have written the Trib many times and they seem to think Shiller's Ward would never do such a thing. I laugh when I read this, becasue it is just so normal in Uptown. Shiller is one of the Oldest farts in the City Machine. Also, read the part of the article on line that states this practice is just systematic - Sad. Again Shiller is part of the system of lazy currupt Alderbeasts. I so want her name to finally show up in one of these investigations. You can just feel that she is going to get investigated or already is and she does not even know it. Again, in here world this is the way it works. Same goes for Richie.

  10. She can't be investigated. No alderman can except on state or federal government levels. That's not going to change until voters demand it.

  11. Freedom of the press and the Feds both can be in play here. Public perception can change many many things. Even Richie can't stop that. I am just sick that the Trib and City are to lazy to travel and see what is going on in Uptown. Again, things for them stop at Irving Park Road. I do love the fluffy articles about old folks in Uptown once a year. Case in Point - Wilson Men's club. Trib, take a lil tour and report what you see. FYI - that is why you cannot sell papers. Your stories are crap when it comes to local issues. I can read the crime blogs for what you report. Shooting there and here. How about why they happen. They are as lazy as our Alderman.

  12. Makes you wonder if they will look into the Labor Ready Issue. I mean our Alderman did report that she had overwhelming support for the decision. Hope she kept all those letters that were supportive to back up that story of hers.

  13. From the Chicago Tribune, May 15, 2008:

    George de Lama, who as managing editor for news at the Chicago Tribune is one of the highest-ranking Latinos in mainstream daily newspapers, announced Wednesday he is leaving the paper. ..... The Tribune gave this immigrants' kid from UPTOWN the world, literally, and I'll be forever grateful," he said in a note to colleagues on Wednesday"

    As we all know, the Tribune fits all news stories into a pre-existing narrative mold that goes something like this:
    "______ , which happened this week, was caused by Uptown's gentrification which displaces the poor of Uptown"

    The Tribune news editor, a former Cuban immigrant who grew up in Uptown, must have lived in a time warp remembering and forever defending the Uptown of his youth through the power of his pen.

    Uptown residents never had a snowball's chance in hell of getting a fair story out of the Trib

  14. And yet, Uptown Update quotes the Trib. Go figure.

    Go to the Sun Times for a better written story that has more details. Click on the names of the individuals charged in the left column of the Sun Times news story and you get the actual criminal complaint filed against them. It's good to read at least one complaint.

    1. It tells the properties involved including the one in our general area, up on Grandville.

    2. The introduction gives a nice overview of how the zoning and building permit process works in Chicago.

  15. If you suspect any bribe taking, report it to the City Inspector General. I did yesterday, but I won't say where in order to not disrupt any investigation. Remember though, Chicago doesn't allow the City Inspector General to investigate aldermen or their staff, which I'm sure delights Helen and Denise.

    Just go to the City of Chicago website and click City Departments and you are given instructions on different ways to report possible corruption.

  16. larry insufferable is part of the problem ... lisa madigan is part of the problem, they are all dirty democrats and are only interested in their pocket book. sorry, if democrats are so wonderful, how come we have so much corruption in daley's machine, stroger's machine, madigan's machine and last but not least, the felon's wife, jan ... where are the ethics and outrage by these democrats --- if any of this people were republicans every one of the "liberals" would be up in arms,
    Why tolerate the dirty democrats ?