Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Annual Police Commanders' Luncheon

Business Partners, the Chamber for Uptown, is holding its annual Commanders' Luncheon on May 29th, where Uptown's two police commanders (Lucy Moy-Bartosik of the 20th District and Kathleen Boehmer of the 23rd District) will be guests.

If you're concerned with the recent violence that Uptown's been experiencing and want to hear what the commanders have to say about it, this is a great opportunity to talk to them.

The luncheon is open to Chamber members and non-members, and the deadline to RSVP is Friday, May 23rd. A flyer with more information about the event is here.

Chamber members will also vote for Board members at this meeting.


  1. We can only hope that chamber members will not vote Jay Bomberg, owner of the Wilson Club Hotel onto the board of directors of Uptown Business Partners again. How ridiculous is that? Seems a bit counter-productive to me.

  2. It's great to see that the owners of Crew and Alma Pita, to name a few, are running for the board.

    But it seems bizarre to have the owner of an establishment like the Wilson Mens Club, a business that actually drives customers away from nearby businesses on one of Uptown's main retail corridors(Curves, anyone?), be on the board of directors of the Chamber.