Sunday, April 13, 2008

"What CTA Stations Really Need Work?"

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The Sun-Times recently asked its readers: "Can you think of some grungy stations in need of a serious makeover?" Read what stations come up most often.
(Hint: "Pat, I'll take a W... I'll buy an I ... an L ... an S....")


  1. Patience please. Money is needed elsewhere: First this Great City must change thy name to "City of Children." Then build a $200-million dollar park for said children.

    Maggie says so.

  2. Why is the Wilson El station and the retail the most blighted, dangerous area along Broadway?

    Ask Ron Huberman who uses this station every work day.

  3. Well, if the plan is to open a station at Montrose, as Huberman seemed to say, why the hell would you spend money on a station that is slated to be shut down?