Sunday, April 13, 2008

Build It Up, Tear It Down

Here is a view of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed, "Stohr Arcade" being dismantled by workers in 1922 to make way for the current day Wilson station. Click for larger image. (CTA Collection)


  1. I love the sign urging riders to "Ride Early - Ride Late - Ride Often!"

  2. I believe we may have found a priceless historical relic---an original Chicago voter registration sign!

    I wonder if someone could do some DaVinci-style sleuthing on the paint to see if underneath it reads this:

    "Vote Early - Vote Late - Vote Often!"


  3. Ah ... the days when things actually got done, around here - and when the city worked hard to improve itself for everyone.

    *queue violins*

  4. this photo is soul-wrneching