Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Transformation Of Uptown

Well, once again our friends over at the "Great Expectations" blog have outdone themselves. Check out their latest post about the transformation of Uptown. It will definitely show you how far economic development in Uptown has come. Read all about it here.


  1. Um ...

    "Wilson Yard is to feature a new Aldi, two-story Target and a Kerasotes 12-theater cineplex. The project also includes an affordable senior building and retail, with a new park across the street."

    "1200 West Wilson - New construction mid-rise condo building at the corner of Racine and Wilson, with street level retail including Curves and Jimmy Johns Sandwiches."

    When was the last time that page was updated? Last I checked, Curves closed up shop and the cineplex pulled out.

  2. Who writes this stuff for the "Great Expectations" blog? "The World Cries Out for What Uptown Represents...?" It's very optimistic, but not quite realistic...