Saturday, April 26, 2008

Question Of The Day

A reader writes in:

"If the CTA is closing the Wilson Station and opening a new station at Montrose and upgrading the one at Lawrence, where did the $1.75 Million go for the design contract below?"

Check out the 2005 press release from the CTA here.


  1. Also we should talk about if they do change CTA access points for the neighborhood how safe people living in the neighborhoods west of Broadway would be walking to or from knowing that one whole side of their journey is a canyon bordered on one side by the brick-wall of a cemetery, and on the other by all the moving vans and scrap trucks, meaning that you could potentially increase your risk to being a victim.

  2. Thanks to the reader who brought this to UU's attention. The article says, "The new agreements will bring an additional $732,687 in rent and capital improvements to the CTA for a period of up to five years or until renovations begin at the Wilson Red Line station. The leases were competitively bid."

    By my reading of this, then, if they started improvements today then Popeyes would have to vacate. It is an especially opportune time since they have been closed down due to their own negligence. Let's get on this folks! Let's get some answers! Let's bring back a beautiful Wilson El station! After all the northside surburban CUBS fans (and Olympics attendees) who will be parking at Truman College thanks to us will expect no less!

  3. PB, I love Uptown Crime Blotter, keep up the good work!

    I don't think you're point is valid though. Montrose is pretty safe, especially west of Sheridan. Magnolia (despite all the bad press about the mall and playlot) is pretty safe to walk down except perhaps late at night. Racine, Beacon and Malden are even safer.

    Those living on Wilson or north of Wilson of course would have the option of walking to the Lawrence station.

    The only question mark in my mind regarding a Montrose stop is how or whether it is integrated with whatever ends up at Wilson Yard.

  4. you're = your. silly grammer.

  5. Siilly spellling.

    Seriously though, figured two corrections in a row would be overkill. My point still stands. Montrose would be a great location for a red line stop.

  6. I guess what comes to mind is what a waste if CTA spent a ton of money in redesigning the Wilson L only to have it not be built at that site. Does that mean we now spend a ton of money for it to be redesigned at another location further south?

  7. I don't live in that general area (but I do live in Uptown). It seems sort of silly to me to pay all of that money for the Truman parking garage, say they will encourage people not to use it (use public transporation anyway) and then move the el station farther away from the school. If the streets are not VERY safe between Truman College and Montrose & Truman and Lawrence, I think we will have just built a pretty big incentive for people to choose their cars over public transporation. Its great that it is going to be a LEED building---but how "green" is that.

    On the other hand, putting the el station farther away from the CTA CUBS parking may reduce the number of people who will want to park 'n' ride and have to walk through this neighborhood to get back to their cars. Is there a bus line that stops near Truman that might change this scenario?

  8. great question! but i think the CTA press release may have understated the $$$

    CTA Press Release, dated 1/12/05, over 3 years ago

    the CTA lists recent contract awards on their website


    Contracts awarded since 12/1/2003


    contract # C04FI100026154



    Professional Services for Design and Construction Improvements to the Wilson Rail Station on the Red

  9. Almost $3.6 Million for the Wilson L? I realize they slapped some paint up and redid the stairway and collapsed ceiling...but where is the rest of that money visible?

  10. paint? what you talking about? this is DESIGN money

    "WTA a Joint Venture is a partnership between Parsons Transportation Group, Inc., McDonough Associates Inc., and Architrave, Ltd., of Chicago."

    Architrave still lists the Wilson L station as 1 of 3 current work in progess on their website.

    James J. McDonough, president of McDonough Associates, and wife Jacqueline are MAJOR benefactors of Daley, Blagojevich, Strogers I & II, Dan Haynes, Ald. Virginia Rugai, Ald. Ed Burke, Chief Justice Anne Burke, IL Rep. Kevin Joyce, and others.

  11. Would James McDonough be any relation to John McDonough of City Hall?

  12. I thought that the last name sounded familar.