Thursday, April 3, 2008

A Tale Of Two Commanders

Out with the old:

There's a letter to the 23rd District residents from former Commander Gary Yamashiroya on Ald. Vi Daley's site. Click here to read his farewell and thank you to us. (Wonder why this didn't appear on the website of the 46th Ward?)

And in with the new:

An excerpt from a story in the Booster about our new Commander:
In the 23rd or Town Hall District, Kathleen Boehmer is one of the laterally shifted officers, hailing from the nearby 20th district. Boehmer succeeds Gary Yamashiroya, who will be serving as commander of the Area 3 Detective Division.

Boehmer boasts 28 years on the force, most of which was spent on the North Side. She spent nearly three years as commander in the Foster (20th) District, just north of the 19th and 23rd districts.

Because of the proximity, she feels familiar with the 23rd District's strengths and weaknesses. She says her top concern is safety, even though the district boasts a relatively low crime rate compared with many other districts.

She is also spending time working with community groups, including members of the area's large gay and lesbian population. Hate crimes are on her watchlist.

"We want to make sure all people in the district are treated fairly," Boehmer said. "I'm confident we can make some really positive changes here."

The 23rd District office is at 3600 N. Halsted. Reach the 23rd District at 312-744-8320 or e-mail


  1. Did the Booster say we have a relatively low crime rate compared to other districts? What other districts are they comparing us to?

  2. She must not be as familiar with our district as she thinks she is. I would think the gang problems should be her main concern. We've already had 3 shootings and the thermometer hasn't even cracked 60 degrees yet. She's in for a rude awakening folks.

  3. I think they were comparing our district to one in Fargo ND and Brainerd MN.

  4. The 23rd District as a whole has a relatively low crime rate. You have to remember that it starts way down at Fullerton and covers some very pricey real estate.

    I would imagine the crime concerns of residents living in the homes on the 2500 block of North Lakeview, for example, are quite a bit different from the crime concerns of the people living near Wilson and Sheridan.

    I'm also gonna go out on a limb and imagine that people in the southern sector of the ward don't have groups like Couraj encouraging their children to file false reports of brutality against the police. Or an alderman whose son sues the police on a regular basis.

    Ald. Shiller likes to say that crime in her district is among the lowest in the city. If she's referencing the entire 23rd District, she's correct. However, if she looks at the Uptown crime statistics, that's an entirely different set of numbers.

    As she likes to say, "That's not my reality."

  5. BTW, Note to Jody Weis and New Commander.

    If you want to keep kids safe from our large population of known Chilld Sex Predators, why don't your patrol officers get to know who they are and carry their picture in their squads?

    If a citizen calls our Neighborhood Relations office or desk or stops a squad and says their is a child sex offender near a park or school, or eyeing a kid in this neighborhood they tell you it's not their job. You have to call the Special Victims unit downtown or 911. If you go to the Area 3 Detective Unit in charge of Sex Offenders for our area, they say they are too busy solving real crimes. How proactive is that? Why is it just their job to pick up the dead bodies and rape kits?

    I turn in child sex offenders all the time for working and living and being in places that cannot be. The state makes the police move them.

    Why aren't aren't our police patroling sex offenders during their patrols? The only way I know who they are is from looking at the Illinois Sex Offender website in the two zip codes near where my school is located. That covers the entire 23rd District. It doesn't take long before you recognize all the faces. Why can't our beat cops do the same?

  6. Here, here 4:46. Keep up the good fight. I am going to bring this issue up at my next CAPS meeting. No more abused kids in Uptown. No more!