Wednesday, April 2, 2008

News-Star: 'Credit Union Members Earn Wings'

North Side provides sound banking alternative for low and moderate-income clients

By SUZANNE ELDER, Contributing Writer

Unlike Clarence, the guardian angel sent to save George Bailey in the Frank Capra classic It's A Wonderful Life, it doesn't take 200 years for members to earn their wings at Uptown's North Side Credit Union.

The North Side Credit Union, at 1011 W. Lawrence Ave., celebrated its 34th anniversary at its annual meeting last week.

"For me, the North Side Credit Union is like the Bailey Building and Loan," said credit union manager and CEO Ed Jacob, recalling the classic film.

"There is the one scene in the movie where there is a run on the Bailey Building and Loan, and George tells people, 'But your money is in her home, and her money is in your home.' That's how it feels at North Side; it is our members' money staying in the Uptown community at a time when financial services are increasingly complex. It is saving and lending at its most basic level," Jacob added.

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