Wednesday, April 30, 2008

News-Star: "Loitering Positively"

Uptown residents vow to keep gangs from taking over 'hood


Following the city's weekend of rage during which 36 people were shot - six fatally - the weekend of April 19-20, Uptown residents took to the streets last Saturday afternoon letting the gangbangers know that they won't relinquish their neighborhood.

Neighbors gathered for a "positive loitering" event at the Sunnyside Pedestrian Mall at Sunnyside and Magnolia on April 26, an area where residents say drug trafficking frequently occurs.

The event was organized by the Chicago Uptown Crime Blotter, a new blog that reports police radio calls in real time heard over police scanners of criminal activity occurring throughout the neighborhood.

Adults mingled, some meeting for the first time, as kids colored the sidewalks with chalk and dogs sniffed each other. The main topic of conversation was the increase in gunfire heard around the neighborhood since the arrival of spring weather.

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  1. And our Alderman's latest response to the local shootings in the past two week?

    She updated her website to promote a light bulb giveaway.

    How many alderman staffers does it take to screw in a light bulb or respond to crime?

  2. I love how Davis calls it a few isolated incidents. There was a shooting every other day that week. Sounds like a regular occurance to me.

  3. That dog is a magnificent looking animal. Very cougar-esque.

  4. But the seashells in Alderman Shiller's Chief of Staff Denise Davis's hair look Mar-ve-lous. She-ne-na has her priorities in order for the nearly $70,000 per year she gets paid to serve us.

  5. Who cares how she does her hair. I don't. What is your point?

  6. How someone wears their hair is who they are. It is important. Ever read Vogue?

  7. Ok. So how someone wears their hair is "who they are." I wash 'n' go. By your theory that makes me a no-nonsense kind of gal. So, she likes to spend more time, money and effort than I do on that aspect of personal grooming. This is important to discuss on a blog...why???