Wednesday, April 9, 2008

LSD Wilson & Lawrence Viaducts - April 28 Meeting

The Chicago Department of Transportation will hold a Public Information Meeting concerning the proposed Lake Shore Drive Viaducts over Wilson Avenue and Lawrence Avenue Project.

The meeting will be held at Truman College at 1145 West Wilson Avenue, on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. All persons interested in this project are invited to attend this meeting.

The meeting will be conducted on an informal basis. A presentation on the status of the project, the proposed improvements being considered, project issues and the decisions to be made will begin at 6:00 p.m. The presentation will address topics such as the need for the project, the design alternatives under consideration, and the tentative construction schedule.

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  1. Is there anyway they can re-construct the viaducts so they do not become a transient hotel? I hate walking under those things..always afraid of what I will step in.

  2. Wasn't Uptown Chicago Commission dealing with this issue two years ago?

  3. Instead of being afraid of what lies on the ground, you should be afraid of what will crash down on your head as you travel under these bridges.

    We finally got the city to add temporary guardrails between the cement barriers on the LSD bridge shoulder and the area where the bridge wall used to be before contractors removed the bridge walls years ago.

    For safety purposes, transportation standards say that cement barriers are supposed to be tethered together in a string. But this is Uptown, so they are just dumped loose in a row along the shoulder. Before these temporary rails were added, if a car on LSD had crashed into any of them they would have tumbled right off the bridge onto a car or pedestrian or sleeping homeless person below.

    Getting the safety fix took months. But hey, the city had enough money sitting around to send a special paint crew up from the South Side to slap white paint over the tarred walls so that it would look half-way decent for Shiller's last election. That's our tax dollars at work, Chicago-Style.

  4. These bridges were supposed to be replaced years ago. Then they were supposed to be replaced this year with the redo of LSD. Now that LSD project has been reduced to a mere repaving over the pot holes and our falling down bridges sit there with the cement facade panels removed and white paint slapped over the tar that used to hold the decorative facade in place.

    So, we get to see new plans. What we should have seen was replacement years ago. All we are getting now are new expansion joints to stop the downpour of water that streams through the bridges onto the persons and cars traveling underneath. This mud car wash gets particularly annoying throughout the summer when the median strip planter sprinklers are turned and the water streams onto the streets below.