Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Labor Ready Decision: Read It Yourself

Shiller's Kangaroo Court The Zoning Board of Appeals made their decision about Labor Ready. Take a look at their reasoning and see what you think.

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  1. Good, I am glad I never had any doubt they won't get what they needed.

    I bet even another Alderman won't have been able to stop them.

  2. All of the folks here at and Neighbors Against Labor Ready are disappointed in the ZBA's decision. However, given the tenor of the meeting and the fact that most ZBA decisions are ruled in favor of the alderman, we are not entirely surprised. Therefore, we have been pursuing other options over the last few weeks which include taking legal action.

    People who are on our mailing list will continue to receive information as to what we are up to. We will also hold meetings with a broader group of Uptown residents, businesses and organizations in the near future---so stay tuned!

    We will also be posting the decision, a statement of our views and other applicable documentation on our website on Thursday or Friday of this week. (You scooped us, Uptown Update!) Unfortunately, we are just an ad hoc group of neighbors and it has been a lot of effort to keep up with all of the work involved. We appreciate everyone's interest on this issue.

    Contrary to how True Blue (a billion-dollar multinational firm) has chosen to depict themselves, they will not be providing a "service" to the unemployed and under-employed people of Uptown. To imply that Labor Ready exists in the interest of workers is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. Labor Ready exists to return shareholder value to their investors by finding low-wage workers for companies who desire to hire a portion of their workforce on a contingent basis.

    The ZBA's decision is a set-back for our community and for Uptown and Chicago's commendable history on the issue of worker's rights. This decision was not reached with an appropriate amount of input from the stakeholders in this community. Stop Labor Ready is committed to changing that as we move forward.

  3. great! Expected by so disappointing nonetheless.

    So what recourse do we have now when Labor Ready does not follow through on any of the stipulations listed as we know they will not?

  4. Those are actually some pretty good looking stipulations, that if actually adhered to by Labor Ready would make this not the worst thing in the world.

    Assuming any appeals are denied (of course they will be), I think the next key action will be aggressive monitoring and equally aggressive documenting of any violations by Labor Ready. Photos and videos especially!

    Obviously Labor Ready is not going to help the neighborhood, but with aggressive neighbors staying on top of them, might be possible to keep them from hurting it too much.

  5. It's been our history that requirements the Zoning Board of Appeals places on an organization are not enforceable. Placing any requirements was done to appease an angry crowd, but there are no expectations to have them enforced. Let's not even bother to pretend they mean to enforce anything.

  6. "but with aggressive neighbors staying on top of them..."

    I don't know about you but I am not interested in being a part of some sort of para-police kind of citizen's group! I shouldn't have to take pictures and follow-up and follow-up and follow-up! I should be given an opportunity to participate in decisions made in my community and I should be given due process at City Hall.

    Gee whiz you guys have been so beaten down and expect so little. Do you think there is any chance in the world that a day labor agency could open up across the street from the Latin School and people would be happy that there would be opportunities to complain???!!!

    EVERYONE in Uptown deserves more from our political process. And kids in Uptown deserve to have spaces where there are not a lot of adults hanging around. Even if all of these adults are 100% superterrific, a kid growing up around here learns to look and watch and be really careful. Can't we give them a few zones where they don't have to walk around adults? If anyone cared to notice, we are trying to make this part of Sheridan a kid-friendly and family friendly area. Out of all of the buildings in the City of Chicago, why did they insist on going there????

  7. Zoning Board of Appeals Members

    Geraldine M. "Gigi" McCabe-Miele

    Daley appointee to the Zoning Board of Appeals

    former VP of the Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects

    Staff architect with downtown architectural firm LCM Architects LLC, which specializes in the public sector, clients include:

    City of Chicago Department of Children & Youth Services
    City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)
    Chicago Housing Authority (CHA)
    Chicago Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities
    Chicago Public Schools (CPS)
    Chicago Public Building Commission (PBC)
    Chicago Park District (CPD)

    LCM is currently enjoying a $300K, 3-year contract from the Mayor's Office of People with Disabilities to inspect CHA buildings for accessibility.

  8. Know Your Zoning Board of Appeals Members

    Demetri "Jim" Konstantelos

    real estate manager

    Daley appointee to the Zoning Board of Appeals AND the Chicago Human Rights Commission

    paid $12K/yr by the Daley administration to serve on ZBA (BGA)

    Konstantelos is a two-timed failed aldermanic candidate in the 39th ward on the far NW side.

    In 1991 Konstantelos challenged incumbent Anthony Laurino and lost in a 4-way race.

    In 1994 Anthony Laurino "stepped down" for "health reasons" no doubt exacerbated by a federal investigation into his and his daughter Marie's ghost pay-rolling scheme. Daley appointed Anthony Laurino's chief-of-staff, Anthony Laurino's other, non-felon daughter Margaret as alderman.

    When Margaret went before voters in 1995 Konstantelos challenged and lost again to an incumbent Laurino.

    Asians Jump into White Ethnic's Battle

  9. Know Your Zoning Board of Appeals Members

    Jonathan T. Swain

    Daley appointee to the Zoning Board of Appeals

    Executive Director of The Beloved Community, a not-for-profit organization founded in 2004 by Rev. Dr. Michael L. Pfleger and affiliated with his Saint Sabina parish, an African American Catholic church in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on the South Side.

    Swain was appointed as Chief of Staff to 17th Ward Alderman Terry Peterson serving both he and his successor Latasha R. Thomas. Mr. Swain has also worked as an assistant to Mayor Richard M. Daley and most recently in the City of Chicago’s Department of Planning and Development as Deputy Commissioner for Legislative and Intergovernmental Affairs.

    The Beloved Community is a delegate agency of the City of Chicago. In particular, The Beloved Community is enjoying a $225K contract from the City of Chicago's Department of Children and Youth Services as a Youth Career Development Program.

  10. all in all, a pretty representative cross-section of Chicagoans, I think you will agree, they look like us, no conflicts or biases here

  11. Nice.

    Gigi was able to take money from CPS and the Parks as clients but when people from CPS McCutcheon School & Buttercut Playlot come before her...nada.

  12. Not to worry. There should be a buffer zone between Labor Ready and McCutcheon school formed by all the illegally parked junk trucks that park on that block.

    Now, the students might have a refrigerator drop on their heads but that is another issue altogether.

    And, don't forget, the Alderman Shiller put up a sign making this a pigeon-free zone. Feel better now?

  13. Open letter to Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times:

    Dear Tribune and Sun-Times,

    Are you paying attention? We are doing your investigative work for you. There are all the makings for a story. Cut/paste and write it.

    Thank you,


  14. Here's a thought. I live right behind the Labor Ready location. I work from home and plan on calling the police and any and every sign of loitering. Should I also call each and every member of the zoning board, just to let them know since they approved all this to begin with?

  15. To anon 11:58. One thing I would recommend is documenting the current lack of loitering right there right now so we have a baseline. I haven't gotten over there to do it yet. And then, yes, there will be a neighborhood organization with a phone tree (etc) to scrupulously document everything and try to get some of it addressed.

  16. "Good, I am glad I never had any doubt they won't get what they needed."

    If you are for these guys, you are on the WRONG side. Do you know that people call them "slaverready"? Google slaverready and labor ready and see what you come up with. These people can't all be Helen Shiller's political enemies. In fact, since a lot of them are engaged in grassroots battles to reclaim property and rights for exploited poor people, you would think that Shiller would be on their side.

  17. "you would think that Shiller would be on their side."

    Shiller is on the side of Shiller. When Daley says jump, Helen is forced to do her tricks, all part of the deal she and Daley worked out so that Helen could get his endorsement and stay in office.

    The Helen Shiller who voted against the "living wage" in the big box thingie is not the "feisty" "independent" "power to the little folks" Helen she likes to think she is, or who she used to be.

    She's just another Chicago political hack, playing Steppin Fetchit to the Mayor's wishes.

  18. "She's just another Chicago political hack, playing Steppin Fetchit to the Mayor's wishes."

    ...and keeping down a whole lot of good people as she does it.

    What our friends in Rogers Park are saying applies here as well.

    "Poor people have been voting for HELEN SHILLER for 20 years... And they're still poor."

  19. There's an attachment to the attachment that was not incorporated into the resolution and is not shown.

    What is ONE's "Good Neighbor Agreement," agreed to in stipulation #10?

    Has anyone seen it?

    How is it one neighborhood not-for-profit gets to add riders but others do not?

  20. No one has seen a signed copy of ONE's "good neighbor agreement". It was not submitted in the ZBA record.

  21. Who enforces the city's own agreements when the city doesn't want them enforced? Who keeps the fox out of the chicken house when the fox guards the chicken house?

  22. wasn't ONE making public noises they did not support the special use for LR?

    yet they participating in drawing up the stipulations?

    do I recall their rep accidentally sat on the wrong side of Council chambers at the ZBA hearing?

    what gives?

    could it be a neighborhood not-for-profit saying one thing in the 'hood and doing another thing downtown where it matters?

  23. Yep. ONE couldn't support Labor Ready because some of their member organizations have enough sense to sniff out scum-suckers who want to exploit the poor and to say NO! NOT HERE!

    So, the staff just went to the ZBA and tried to pull off a "we take no position...but let me tell you about how happy we are with this good neighbor agreement we have with them."

    If you take "no position" then stay home!!!! And, if you must come, don't sit with one side and raise your hand when the ZBA asks you if you are "for."

    If you aren't part of the are part of the problem.

  24. There is only ONE way to describe Cory Muldoon's presence at the ZBA---he was double crossing the dissenters within his organization.

    If the leaders of that organization can't even manage to act as ONE, then why should we allow them to try to be the ONE voice of the northside? The north lake front is filled with many wonderful, open-hearted and open-minded people. The north lake front is filled with people who are interested in social justice and fairness. These kind people have been marginalized and demonized for years because they just won't cow-tow to the fringe ideas of the few. This is changing and I hope that somehow we are able to come together and work for balanced change that doesn't leave ANYONE out.

  25. a rogue ONE staff member at a ZBA hearing?

    come on, isn't it more likely ONE's ED claiming ONE does not support the variance for Labor Ready, carefully out of earshot of the ZBA, is the fraud?

    the public record shows ONE's "good neighbor agreement" weighed in the ZBA's favorable decision, the words of ONE's ED did not