Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Breaking News: Zoning Board Is Shiller's Rubberstamp

It passed folks. Labor Ready received zoning board approval to open shop on Sheridan. We are working on getting the ZBA's decision uploaded. In the meantime, when you read through you will see that many of the stated facts are incorrect - such as most clients being prescreened and dispatched from their homes - and much more. They didn't even care enough to write a coherent explanation. An appeal is in the works and funds are being raised to do just that. Stay tuned.


  1. "Please, sir, may I have another?"

    Jayzus! How many more times can Uptown get screwed by the City of Chicago?

    This is really depressing. OTOH, it may just be the tipping poing that gets Shiller voted out of office. Too bad she's got three more years to continue to abuse the "bad apples".

  2. Will beginning the appeals process prevent them from opening up shop and starting operations? Or, does this approval give them the go ahead to begin work on their space and begin operations as soon as they are able to get it up and running?

  3. Two years, ten months until the next aldermanic election.

    I sincerely hope people understand that the 46 ward alderman doesn't care what's good for the community, doesn't care what it takes to restore Uptown's economy, schools, safety, public transportation, etc.

    All she cares about is her own vision that stockpiles the poor in all low income buildings, sends children through gang infested streets to go to failing schools, and shuts out citizens from participating in the public process of community decisions.

  4. Enough is enough!
    We have to find a way to stop this!
    Forget about parking... some "FREAK" is going to do something to one of those kids and there is nothing we can do to stop it! This is unreal!
    Shiller is a monster! I have had it!

  5. It looks like they were working in there yesterday, someone is doing something in that building.
    I agree, enough is enough.
    We should meet as a community to figure this out. Any suggestions where and when?

  6. If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email to info@

    We have been struggling with how to have an open community process and involve as many people as possible while still achieving our strategic goal.

    This is a very bad outcome for the people of Uptown. It is a slipshod solution to a very important issue in our community. We alld deserve socially responsible public policy in Uptown.

  7. We had a community meeting on the Wilson Yard and invited Shiller, Holsten, and Lori Healey (then Dept. of Planning Commissioner) to attend. We had reserved seats with their names on them. They were no shows. (Big surprise)

    Over 300 concerned residents attended. Several reporters also showed up and wrote great articles.
    We gave people an update on what was going on since the invisible alderman doesn't tell folks squat.

    Notice there is nothing going on in Wilson Yard and the date keeps moving farther and farther into the future.

    So go for it.

  8. To 11:45: Yes. Labor Ready now has a special use permit and is entitled to open up for business at this location for the next two years. On or abouts March 31, 2010 they will need to reappear before the ZBA. Presumably the community will have an opportunity to raise any issues at that point.

  9. "We should meet as a community to figure this out."

    Email stoplaborready with a pledge if you haven't already or tell them that you'd like to hold a fundraiser or something. If the appeal doesn't happen, then there will need to be a meeting for people to figure out how we're going to deal with this.

  10. Well, handle it the way our police do.

    Ignore it until a kid gets killed and then scratch your asses and say that there was nothing you could do until a crime occurred.

    Life's alot simpler if you take that approach.

  11. "some "FREAK" is going to do something to one of those kids..."

    BTW-You have to be arrested three times for exposing yourself before you will be placed on the Illinois sex offender registry.

  12. I wonder if testimony or a letter from a neighborhood chamber of commerce may have made a diff

    oh, well