Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Uptown Community Meeting Tonight!

From Uptown Neighborhood Council:
Exciting changes are coming to Uptown! Join us tonight to learn more about--
upscale high-rises, newest bars and exciting retail in the works for Uptown.
What's Up Uptown Event
  • Wednesday, March 19 at 7 PM (TONIGHT!)
  • Kinetic Playground, 1113 W. Lawrence, across from the Aragon Theater
Good things are happening in Uptown!


  1. Caveat emptor... if this is an event hosted by or affiliated with Jimmy Gouskos, I would advise that one takes what he says with a grain of salt. He does seem to be invested in the improvement of Uptown. But he often promises things he can't deliver, and states things as fact that he hopes to be true but are not, or (more frequently) are only 50% true.

  2. If there is one thing that the people of Uptown are used to it is lies and half-truths. We are becoming pretty practiced at sniffing the BS out.

  3. LOL, I have no idea who are talking about but it sounds like this person is costing you money. Please explain further.

  4. The Great People of Uptown are used to stepping in a lot of BS too. And lovin' it.

  5. I thought the meeting tonight was definitely on the right path! I got so turned off for so many years by total bitch sessions and self-absorbed folks who like to hear themselves talk (which we still dealt with to some extent) - - it was nice to focus on the positive. Being able to have a cold beer too didn't hurt either...
    k - 10 yr resident on Lawrence

  6. Isn't if funny now Jimmy says phase 3 might happen before the mid rise behind Kinetic. LMFA I won't hold my hopes for any of it.

  7. Instead of being so critical of Jimmy, why don't you at least be happy someone cares enough to TRY to get something done in this neighborhood? Gotta give him credit for that. I take everything with a little caution and don't necessarily believe everything discussed last night will come to fruition, but I believe he is a genuine guy.

    What are you doing to make Uptown a better neighborhood?

  8. Its funny how he actually has delivered on everything he has said so far. If you paid attention, he said that it seems the CITY wants phase 3 first. In some of the questions he was asked he even said, he is not sure and his answer was what he hoped for Uptown not a for sure.He is seriously trying to make ALOT happen here for all of us and we think he is genuine.

  9. This can only be one of two people. (1st posting) Are you guys still that upset about getting voted off the condo-board?

    Get ever it.

  10. If Uptown had more Jimmy Gouskos types,the Uptown Entertainment District would be thriving, you could walk to Trader Joe's, dine atop a LEED tree topped building, go work out at a completely rebuilt Clarendon Park Fieldhouse and enjoy the new landscaped fountain in the park.

    Bitchin` brings more bitchin` and not much else.

  11. Previous poster: Read through this blog a little more. Don't characterize it all as bitching. That is not fair.

    What you've got is people who are tired of being tricked and lied to. You've got people who are struggling with how to achieve balanced development. You've also got people who are really skeptical of big plans for this neighborhood because there is strong sentiment for pedestrian-based amenities and unique local businesses. Despite what other people say about us, we really don't want an entirely "cleaned up and cleaned out" neighborhood. We want a modern twist on what it was + what it is.