Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sun-Times: "What CTA Stations Really Need Work?"

The Sun-Times' blog "The Ride" has a recap on the massive restoration that's coming to the Grand and State station. In part, it reads:

On Wednesday, the Chicago Department of Transportation gave details of a $67 million project to upgrade the Grand and State subway station.

Certainly the Grand and State station is dingy and dimly lit. But do other stations need the rehab more?

Floyd Long in the Sun-Times story commented that other stations, particularly on the Green Line, could use the money more. What do Ride readers think? Can you think of some grungy stations in need of a serious makeover?

Want to weigh in on our beloved, decrepit, ceiling-falling-in, poorly laid out, local Wilson el stop? Let 'em know!

This is the story - go to the bottom of the page to give your opinion. What CTA Stations Really Need Work?

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