Friday, March 28, 2008

Looking For Something A Bit Different?

A frequent reader of Uptown Update has decided to branch off into the blogging world as well. His blog is entitled, "The Butternut Connection" and from his own description it will be his experience in Uptown as well as random thoughts about gaming, technology, music, politics, and anything else he finds interesting or important. Check it out here folks. We will also link to it on the right.


  1. To all of you people that complain about police service, when you call 911/311 leave your name. Note to the calltaker that you don't want to speak with the police, but that you do want to leave your name. This makes the call more personal. A call with a name attached is view by the police as a more legit call than from an anonymous caller.

  2. I have a post about a bonfire that went on all weekend. Thought it was a pretty strange event that both the Police and the Fire dept. didn't seem to have a problem with.

    My writing skills are a bit on the week side but hopefully with time they will improve and look like someone older than a 5th grader wrote them.