Monday, March 31, 2008

'Community Process' For Maryville Property

You heard it here folks. Back during the debates, our alderman stated that there would be a "community process" for whatever takes place at Maryville Academy at Montrose and Clarendon. Let's hold her to it. Isn't YouTube great?


  1. Well, what she said would happen will happen. It will just happen in her reality.

    1) The new owners will notify the community for input. [The Shiller will let whomever will support her in what she wants to do know and they will develop a plan. When it is set in stone and things are "inextricably linked" so they can't be undone...]
    2) There will be community meetings
    3) It will go to through the zoning process [And since this is Chicago, whatever an Alderman wants, an alderman gets...]
    4)Whatever dark room plan was hatched in step #1 will come to fruition and local residents will have to deal with it, whatever it may be.

    Shiller may be the apple of her mother's eye and the most wonderful person ever but as an alderman in Uptown, she is a machine politician, and GW Bushie-type in a radical sheep's clothing.

    The one thing she is NOT is skilled and thoughtful urban planner. She should return to her roots as an activist and community organizer and let someone who really knows what they are doing try to develop balanced growth here in Uptown. It is just going to happen here through here and not just because she likes to tack on affordable housing and such to most deals. It is likely we're going to be in for some traffic and inappropriate scale as well.

  2. this is an April Fools joke, right?

  3. Thank goodness for YouTube! Thanks for all these "fun" clips of Shiller.