Friday, March 7, 2008

Community Alert: Child Luring

On February 26, an 8-year-old boy walking to school was approached by the driver of a black SUV in the 4600 block of North Beacon. The driver approached the victim, rolled down his window and told the victim to "get in" and asked how far the victim's school was. He told the victim that he had "shovels in the back seat."

The victim then ran to a nearby crossing guard, who describes the subject, from a profile view, as a male white with curly hair who was wearing a black jacket. The victim also related that the vehicle had the letters "J E E P" on it so the vehicle may be a black, or dark colored, Jeep.

The offender is described as a male black with light complexion or maybe a male white, unknown age, unknown height. He was wearing all black with a red tie. Offender had light facial hair under his lip and short black hair.

If you have any information about this incident, call the Area 3 Detectives at 312-744-8200 (RD# HP-195144)


  1. So what was the name of the 23rd district LT. who was caught with the child pornography? I have recently become interested in documenting the history and prevalence of the victimization of children in the Uptown area. Names and dates help as I verify it all in official sources. thx.

  2. Smart kid knew what to do!

  3. What makes anyone think that our police district would document their own command's misbehavior in official sources? Referencing a blog story won't help you.

    There was a 2-paragraph local newspaper story about the Customs Service raid of the officer's home. I believe it happened around DeLopez's command. DeLopez won't talk. He's off the Chicago force and hanging out in his cush Winnetka job these days.

    The old timers at 23 remember the guy who took his "early retirement package" in his 40's. Go ask them.