Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can The CTA Spare A 'Lil Change For The Wilson L?

By Mary Wisniewski
Chicago Sun-Times

The dingy and dimly lit L station at Grand and State is getting a $67 million face-lift, which will include new tiles, new lighting and a 2,000-square-foot expansion of the mezzanine.

The renovation is the first major update since the station was built in 1943. The design will be similar to previous Red Line subway station renovations at Chicago, Lake and Jackson.

The Chicago Department of Transportation wants to complete the work by early 2010. Federal money will cover about 80 percent of the cost, with about $1.4 million from the city and state funds making up the rest.

The Grand station is the Red Line’s ninth busiest, with more than 8,000 passengers a day. The upgrades will include new granite floors and stairs, three new elevators and a new escalator.
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  1. It's 9th busiest. What rank is Wilson? Not an excuse, but probably why it's not as high on the list...

  2. That...and the fact that it is right off the mag mile, and right in the middle of a bunch of new hotels and restaurants that have opened up in the past 5 years...

    And, even though it is about 4 steps away from a bar, is isn't drenched in urine.

  3. Wilson is 15th (out of 33) in terms of ridership, with about 1.8M people a year. But it's notable to say it's the busiest station north of Addison. It does need help, regardless.

  4. One relevant fact in this whole matter is that the subway stations are owned by the City of Chicago and the Elevated stations like Wilson are owned by the CTA. The subway construction is really being funded by the city and federal gov't. Not the CTA.

  5. thanks for the info 4:34

  6. We really should fund the Wilson El, so then tourists and investors can come enjoy the beauty of Popeyes, the Wilson Mens Club, the shootings on Lawrence and Hazel recently, the prostitutes, the Smoke Shop on Broadway... If I had it, I'd invest millions in the Wilson El too!!!