Wednesday, March 26, 2008

'Bear Force One' Now Playing At Annoyance Theatre

If you haven't had a chance to check out Annoyance Theatre at 4830 N. Broadway, we highly recommend it. Here is a synopsis of their latest feature, "Bear Force One." Clever indeed.

The Annoyance pays gay homage to the classic Harrison Ford thriller “Air Force One” with “Bear Force One.”

After a series of unexpected assassinations, Buck Marshall, Secretary of Agriculture, and ninth in line for the Presidency, finds himself the first gay “bear” President of the United States. Like his chest, the world he steps into is quite hairy. The Pope has just been taken prisoner after his crack terrorist organization, the CCD, assassinated the last 8 Presidents in order to bring a message of decency back to the world.

All Buck wants to do is escape to Key West with his “First Cub,” daughter India-China, and his newly assembled queer cabinet. But as he boards “Air Force One” for some R & R, the CCD have plans of their own!

“Bear Force One” is directed by veteran director of Boston’s Improv Assylum, Leah Gotcsik. The show was written by the cast. The cast includes veteran performers from the The Annoyance, iO, GayCo, and The Second City.

Friday | 8:00PM | $15, call 773-561-HONK to order tickets.


  1. I've been to the Annoyance a few times recently and recommend it highly.

    Back in the 90's I saw "Coed Prison Sluts" at their deceased Lakeview location. Now that was a good show.

    They also have a bar in front of the theater. Alcohol and live theater. Sounds like a small bit of Uptown heaven.

  2. Love them bears!!!
    I too saw "Co-ed Prison Sluts" back then, I laughed so hard I nearly pissed myself.

  3. I actually saw this play at the Annoyance a few weeks ago. Unbelievably hilarious, but be prepared - no gay stereotype goes untouched! Also, the attire for First Cub consists of nothing more than a jockstrap and combat boots, so it's best to leave the little ones at home. Having never been to an Annoyance production before, I can say I'll definitely be back. Dinner at Fat Cat and a play next door - what could be better?!

  4. The first night out I had, after moving to Chicago years ago, was to see "Coed Prison Sluts". It was one of my first impressions of Chicago and one which will stay with my fragile little mind forever.