Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Support Your Local Newspaper

Folks, we have seen how "News-Star" is working to bring hard-hitting news about our ward to the forefront. Now is the time to support them and what better way than to subscribe! We have also been told to expect to see News-Star at newsstands around the ward, more than likely near coffeeshops and El stations. If you choose not to subscribe, at least buy a copy to take on the train with you. Let's show the publisher that we are starving for more in-depth reporting on what takes place in our neighborhood. Also, we know we have excellent writers out there, so don't be bashful. Send in your editorials to News-Star and they may be published. Info below.
1 year subscription: $20
Mail payment to: News-Star
141 South Oak Park Avenue
Oak Park, IL 60302

Letters and other comments from readers on topics of community interest, or any aspect of the newspaper, are welcome. They may be mailed to News-Star, Viewpoints, 141 South Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park, Illinois 60302;sent by fax to 708/524-0447; or e-mailed to lswanson@chicagojournal.com. Whenever possible, e-mails are preferred. In order to present as many views as possible, letters should be limited to 300 words.
Letter writers should include a telephone number, preferably a daytime number, for verification purposes. Letters must be signed. Questions should be directed to News-Star editor Lorraine Swanson at 312/243-2696 ext. 3314.


  1. The News-Star is now available for free every week at Shake Rattle & Read/Book Box 4812 N.Broadway. They are open daily from 12 till 6pm.I also enjoy the News-Star website www.chicagojournal.com. Still. I agree the best way to support a local newspaper is to subscribe to home delivery.

  2. Another way to support our local paper is by advertising. That's the lifeblood of the newspaper industry.

    Even if it's a small classified (lost keys), or an announcement (new baby), or a car for sale... it all really helps keep the paper going.

  3. I'm on the News Star website trying to subscribe (https://www.pioneerlocal.com/cgi-bin/ppo-subscribe/). It asks me to select a newspaper and I don't see where you select the Uptown/Rogers Park one. Can anyone help?

  4. Go to www.chicagojournal.com -- new publisher.

  5. I also would like to subscribe, but the chicagojournal.com page doesn't seem to have a subscription link.

  6. I don't think the News-Star offers web-based transactions (yet). If you check the article ("Support Your Local Newspaper") on this blog, UU has added a subscription form to fill out and mail in.