Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Blast From The Voting Records Past

For those of you interested, we have a couple of handy links to show the Alderman's voting record, and lack thereof, since 2000. Draw your own conclusions. Its also interesting to note her sudden turn towards almost total agreement with the mayor. Funny how that happens. This recent "no vote" on the superintendent of police was not the first time the alderman has cast a "no vote."

Aldermanic Voting Records 2000-2002

Aldermanic Voting Records 2003-2006


  1. Phpt. She and Mary An probably don't get along too well, if you look at the records.

    My issue is: why the hell is a(ny!) city council spending any time, whatsoever, on the Iraq war, or the Patriot Act.

    I notice there was no vote up/down for the Afghanistan.

    Whatever. Worry about the city, dammit, not the country. We have a completely different set of knuckleheads to worry about those issues.

    The "not voting" stat is unacceptable. I'd rather have "absent" than not voting.

  2. From 31% voting with the Mayor in the past to 82% voting with the Mayor since 2006. Oh yeah. He bought her. He really bought her. Whores on Wilson Ave haven't been bought so well.

    Who's the Rubber Stamp now, Helen Shiller?

  3. "no vote"

    you should probably refer to what Shiller did reently as "not voting", or "present, not voting"

    "no vote" sounds like a "nay"

  4. please be very careful in interpreting the results you see on Prof. Simpson's website

    these are (VERY) select votes

    Prof. Simpson presents 4 votes from 2000-2002 amd about a dozens votes from 2003-2006

    of course, every special interest group is allowed to highlight votes of particular concern to themselves, Simpson's particular concern seems to be to highlight a few brief flashes of dissent in a deeply moribund and dysfunctional legislature

    please understand there are many thousands of votes from 2000-2006 that Simpson did not present

    to take an obvious example, there were roughly 80 TIFs in Chicago before 2000, now there are about 150, TIFs are conspicuously absent from the presented votes

    when you look at the full record the inescapable conclusion is that Shiller is an extremely reliable machine collaborator

    "82% voting with the Mayor since 2006"

    this is not accurate

    the real figure is 99.9...%, the only real disagreement would be how many 9's to put after the decimal point

  5. another methodological problem with Simpson's presentation is that "voting with the Mayor" is ambiguous. The Mayor does not vote in City Council except to break ties.

  6. wanna make a point about a legislator's record?

    you can make whatever point you want if you pick the votes careful enough

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