Thursday, February 7, 2008

Looking For Something To Do Saturday?

Then check out the 2008 Midwest Open Invitational Snowskate competition that will be held in Uptown's own "Wilson Skate Park" this Saturday, February 9 at noon. You will get the chance to see competitors vie for cash prizes and skate against Guinness World record holder, Phillip Smage. The park is located at 700 W. Wilson and admittance is free. This event was even listed as a "Metromix Pick." Fun for all ages.


Dear Uptown Update Readers,
Thank you for showing up for the Inaugural Midwest Snowskate Competition this weekend. From what I heard, you guys loved it. A few mentioned they read about the event right here on the Uptown Update.
I look forward to bringing these guys back next year. And to those parents who
brought their kids out to try out snowskating, I hope your kids had a blast. We did.
For your viewing pleasure, Tom Mannis at the Bench has a photo slideshow here.

Thanks Again,

Craig Gernhardt


  1. damn, how's he do that??

  2. Our frumpy old park has become Metromix worthy? Times have certainly changed in Uptown.

  3. I saw on the bleeding heart this morning that he's putting on the event. any bets how long it takes horrible helen to shut him down?

  4. Given the positive pr from Metromix.... and with the park basically not being used in the winter_ that wouldn't be a smart move on her part. But no one said she was smart. I just may take that bet.

  5. Re: Helen shutting the event down.

    Well, Mary Ann Smith is the City Council Parks and Recreation Chairman. She might have something to say about that given that putting this skate park there was one of her claims-to-fame. (although the do-nothing-positive alderbeast tries to claim the credit every chance she gets.)

  6. It will only be closed to condo owners. If you pay property tax, you are not allowed to enjoy what your dollars paid for (park)

  7. Can we look with Telescopes from apartments?

    (This is politically correct because it includes Twin Towers and all other low income high rises on the lakefront.)

  8. If you want, sure. But it's better if you come down to ground level to enjoy the full show. I had the top pro's out today checking out my set-up - and they love the park.

    As for closing the contest down, let Helen try.

  9. My boy loved the day, Craig. Thank you so much. He wants to get a snow board now. Where can I get one like your nephew has? Oh, you're personality is nothing like people say.

  10. this was a cool event. kudos.