Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Parking Ticket Passover For Jesus People

It’s good to know God. And even better to be best buddies with the alderman.

Not many of us can park on our neighbors sidewalks and place dumpsters in handicap parking spaces for months without getting ticketed by local police, yet somehow the Jesus People manage to pull it off. These pictures were taken today as the Jesus People remodeled their building at 927 West Wilson. We wonder why they aren’t using the new parking lot the alderman just up zoned for them behind their Jesus People residences across the street or the paid parking garage on the corner.


  1. This is unacceptable. Who can I contact to remedy the situation - police? 311? Blocking a handicapped space is abhorrent.

  2. Rumor has it that when the photographer contacted the police about this situation, they were told, "Call the Alderman."

  3. From now on, every time I write a letter to the Alderman, I'm copying Daley, Greg Harris and everyone who endorsed her. Does anyone have a list of her endorsements from the last election?

  4. alsocc the little man on the 5th floor - as well as every "democrat"
    also contact the IRS - Jpeeps are flaunting the tax laws

  5. man that dumpster and those trucks really affect me


  6. I think a knife to the tire would prove a point.

  7. It would be interesting to find out who this handicapped space is for.

    I wonder why the person who needs it is so eager to give it up so JPUSA to park their dumpster there.

  8. As a non Shiller supporter I think people are just trying to fine negative things where ever they can and makeing mountains out of molehills on some issues like this.

    I think this should be an issue only for people that use/live on that street or need that handicaped space.

    It seems the Uptown Update wants to be the Police/Judge/Juror in Uptown.

  9. "As a non Shiller supporter I think people are just trying to fine negative things where ever they can and makeing mountains out of molehills on some issues like this.

    I think this should be an issue only for people that use/live on that street or need that handicaped space.

    It seems the Uptown Update wants to be the Police/Judge/Juror in Uptown."


    How does showing photos of illegal parking make UU "Police/Judge/Juror"?

  10. No, it's a question of what kind of neighborhood do you want to live in?

    I don't park in people's handicapped spots. I don't leave my car on the sidewalk. It's respect for the neighborhood, my neighbors, and the law.

    JPUSA apparently feels this type of behavior is just fine (just as they feel it's okay to put campaign posters on the door of their polling place and non-profit organization).

    If you or I decided to take our neighbor's handicapped spot, or park on the sidewalk in front of our house, because hey, parking's tough in Uptown!, we'd be ticketed. (And hopefully, ashamed of ourselves.)

    There are two questions raised here: Why does JPUSA get away with this illegal behavior, and why do they care so little about the community?

  11. Ever since I moved to Uptown 3 years ago, I wondered why they have been allowed to park on the sidewalk. The front of that building looks like shit, you'd think with all the money they make with their businesses they could keep up the front of their building.

  12. This handicapped space is for every handicapped person. You can tell by clicking on the photo and noting that there is no permit number. If the sign had a permit number, the handicapped person who paid for the yearly permit could allow the contractor to use his/her space for dumpsters. (Boy, that cries out for an ordiance amendment!)

    However, because this is a general handicapped space available to all handicapped persons, it can never be "given up" to contractors. This info comes from our inquiry to the Depts of Revenue and Transportaion.

  13. The question I have is, "Why do the local police believe that their duty is to "Serve and Protect" the alderbeast and friends rather than "Serve and Protect" the community?"

    The police supposedly have a duty to uphold the law. However, in Uptown, there is one law for some of us and another law for others. It is blatantly obvious that our beat cops and their lieutenants think their duty is to uphold the politicians. And they are so darn brazen about it that it's outrageous.

  14. this post wreaks of lose.

  15. All of that is still in front of the building today, complete with the vans on the sidewalk. Un-freakin-believable.

  16. Quit bitching about it and call the police if it such big deal to you all.

    I guess none of you have jobs or something.

  17. Believe it or not, we can talk about problems here, AND do something about them.

    Talking about it here brings the problems to the attention of more people -- who can do something about it! Synergy, dude.

  18. I heard God was looking down on them and not smiling.

  19. Check out Google Maps Street View.
    (Do a google search on the entire address, Select Maps, and then select Street View in the pop up window. Move around the window to view the street.)

    This dumpster has been on the street in handicapped parking since this summer! The trees are still green.

    And what is just too funny are the four police cars passing by and doing nothing, (or the dumpster wouldn't still be there.) Note the maroon tactical police car approaching from the West and the typical Chicago squad car approaching from the East. Not the mention the squadrol parked at 920 West Wilson and the another squad car parked at 900 West Wilson at the end of the block(i.e.Wilson and Hazel). Don't you just love our hard(ly) working men (and women) in blue!

    Politics Rule the 23rd Police District!!!

  20. I think the jesus people buildings are 920 and 939 Wilson. The dumpster is in front of 927 which isn't owned by the jesus people.

  21. The comment was based on an inquiry into the dumpster permit at that address, which City Hall said was registered to Jesus People. Even if that is wrong, there is no mistaking the constant barrage of vans and cars parked on the sidewalk (not just in the semi-circle sidewalk cutout) and in the middle of the street at JP headquarters.

    In the Bible Passover protection applies to all those who enter the house. Here it seems to apply to all those who enter the protected block.

    We could use some of that protection over here at Lake Shore Drive too. Delivery men, contractors, repairmen and pizza trucks get ticketed and towed all the time in our part of the 46th Ward / 23rd Police District.

  22. I hate it when people improve their property in the neighborhood. I think it should all slowly fall into disrepair.

    If however they do decide to improve their property, I INSIST that it be as difficult as possible to complete the work.

  23. I hate when people try to walk on the sidewalks. I think they should all have to walk in the streets. Especially the kids who go to school right next to JPUSA property. That's why I'm for cars parking on the sidewalks.

    I hate when handicapped people get special parking spaces. I think dumpsters should park in them all year long. Why don't the handicapped people walk in the street with the school kids?

  24. The dumpster in front of the 927 Wilson building is for the remodeling that's being done there. TIF funds from the Wilson Yard TIF are being used to do this. The building is not owned by the Jesus People.

  25. The building across the street and next to it where the cars park on the sidewalk are owned by the Jesus people.

  26. Can we focus please?
    Handicapped parking places are not placeholders for dumpsters. Sidewalks are not parking lots.
    Police have parking enforcement responsibility.
    It ain't happening on this block.

  27. I agree, handicapped spaces should be used for the handicapped, and the sidewalks should be used for walking ....
    the dumpster is in front of 927 W. Wilson and the vans in the photo are in front of 927 W. Wilson - NOT Jesus People properties!

  28. Yes. Both Jesus People and Community Housing Partners XI are in the 900 West Wilson block. Both park on sidewalks and in the middle of the streets. Both are remodeling their buildings and have dumpster issues. Both get obnoxious amounts of city funding, partly to service elderly and/or disabled persons. Jesus People gets funding from the Housing Department and CHP gets theirs from the Wilson TIF.

    Both get Parking Passover from our local police in the 900 W. Wilson block. The one photo I submitted out of the stack I've taken shows more of CHP than JP. I get it.

    Guess what? It's a function of where you can stop to take the picture, which is in the alley given that everyone is double / triple parked in the street and sidewalk. So, just drive by and take a look.

    Similarly situated persons on surrounding streets do not get Parking Passover from the local police. They get tickets and tows.

  29. Although the dumpster is still sitting in the handicapped spot, it appears that sidewalk parking is suddenly coming to an end.

    The traffic cop squads were on the street Tuesday and 23rd District supervisor squads (the ones with the black push bars and roof-top numbers ending in zero) have been up and down Wilson all day today.)

    It appears someone got the message.

  30. Well, I take that back. They were parked three across into the street today with vans on the sidewalk, vans and dumpsters in the handicapped parking zone and a cement truck in the street. Meanwhile the Pace handicapped van was loading handicapped Ezra passengers over iced snow banks in the street and CTA buses were backed up on Wilson trying to get around this chaos.

    What consideration for a neighborhood whose real estate tax dollars they have grabbed via the TIF program to fund their rennovations! A kick in the teeth would be nicer.

    And then this non-for-profit will complain when if the neighbors expects it follow the laws. It's not their poor clients, it's their management and the police and alderman who let this "special" bad behavior go on all the time.

  31. Police Passover + Police Targeting

    Illegal Parking on Wilson = No Ticket

    Legal Parking on Buena = Parking Tickets

    Copied from Buena Park Neighbors Post:

    It appears lately the police have been ticketing cars for illegally parking on the short stretch of road between Kenmore and Buena on the southeast corner of the intersection. (There is space for 3 cars to park there).

    There are no signs designating this section as no parking and the signs on Kenmore and Buena are down by the stop signs, implying the no parking goes to the crosswalk/stop sign, not the entire space in between.

    In addition, we also received a ticket for displaying a for sale sign in our car window. When I called the police station, they informed me it is no longer illegal to display for sale signs in vehicles. The law changed over 12 months ago, yet someone is still ticketing for this violation. The officer working the desk also mentioned that there are a number of new officers in the area, so they could be interpreting parking signs/zones differently than previous officers working the area.

    How do we get someone out to look at the no parking signs and also to educate the police on what laws are current?.

    Very frustrating for those that are getting ticketed for doing nothing wrong