Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Parking Complex/Theatre And High-Rise Update

It's been a while since the community meeting for the "Theater District Lofts Phase II and III was held this past August. Residents were presented with the plans for the construction of a high-rise and nearby parking complex that will feature a movie theatre (to be run by "Meadow Theatre Group"), retail, and restaurants at Lawrence and Winthrop. We wondered what the status of this project was and are happy to report it is moving right along. The parking lot across from the Aragon has been purchased although the closing for this property took a bit longer than expected. Developer Jim Gouskos is moving forward on the projects and is confident that the neighborhood will benefit from this complex. The 21 story highrise has a new look that we think looks pretty sharp. We are working on getting updated renderings of the parking complex/theatre and will post them as soon as they become available.

We added another view of the building (top) from the vantage point of Winthrop looking back towards Lawrence (the El tracks are to the left of the building). Judging from the 2 photos here, there are also 2 variations of the facade on the parking level of the building. Also, the building is evidently 21 stories and not 20 as originally thought.


  1. I hope it gets built but with the Sub Prime/Housing Crises I have my doubts, not to mention there is a ton of condominium inventory out there for sale.
    And plenty of more building going up.

    It's a lot harder to get a mortgage today than i was 8 months ago.

  2. That is awesome news. I could easily see people from all over the northside going to the movies here, and spilling over to some of the cool restaurants and bars in the area. This can't come soon enough!

  3. agree! great news!

  4. The 20 story highrise has a new look ............

    Once again, a plan is presented to the community to grant a zoning variance and the plan has changed afterwards. There are drawings of people entering thru the front of the building. Do you think the entrance will remain in the front or be moved to the rear of the building as was Aldi's entrance?

  5. What awesome about it? It all promises and no ground broken yet.

  6. Well, if you look at their website, most of the condos are already "sold", so if that's the case, I think the building will happen.

  7. That area is getting pretty dense with high rises several blocks in off the Lakefront. The artist rendering doesn't show its close proximity to the Uptown Bank (Now Broadview Bank) vintage highrise. Nor does it show how close it is to the Lawrence House, which is converting to condo.

    Not that I'm opposed to good looking highrise developments, but none in this area preserve and setbacks and green space. The ones on the Lakefront are zoned that way because there is plenty of green space across the street in Lincoln Park per the Lakefront Protection Ordinance (even though our access to it has been taken away)

    Why can't Uptown have more townhouses and single family homes. Even our TIF study said this neighborhood is already too dense. Of course, I'd rather see this than another underfunded HUD coop.

  8. I'm pretty sure that the parking complex/theatre is an integral part of the rest of the projects going on in the entertainment district. The Uptown Theatre renovation will need parking and this would more than likely be used. Its all intertwined.

  9. Drink the Kool Aid folks. Developers saying units are sold means nothing.

    When is he breaking ground?

    The parking structure is coming after the residential by the way.

  10. The Lawrence House is being converted to condos? I didn't know it had sold.

  11. I believe Lawrence House is on the market but has not sold.

  12. I hope this project never comes to pass, Jim Gouskos is not an honest developer and neither is his partner Alex. You can ask just about anyone who lives at 1107 W Lawrence the "first phase" of this development. There is very shotty workmanship, bad plumbing, wiring and lots of places where code requirements were not followed. He also did not pay his portion of the building taxes and the condo association had to pay them, also his business partner has been taken to court many times. They also both have units at 1107 and have not paid their assessments. While they may talk the talk they are BAD news. They were over their heads with the first project and they will not be able to handle anything on this scope, it will be a nightmare.

  13. Their website does state that most of the units are "sold" but if you look at the MLS all the units that were listed have expired or were canceled, nothing is listed as contingent or pending.

    Also, who is Uptown Real Estate, have you walked by the office, it is closed and has been for over a year, the place looks like a dump. If you call the number it goes to a computer generic voice mail. We know people that bought and they along with everyone else got out.

    Do not trust these guys they are bad news.

  14. Whatever someone is claiming about Phase 1 is a total out and out lie. The building is a great building period! I have lived here for almost 3 years and listened to some of the complaints against Jim. These are condos not hotel rooms! Remeber that! Why have the majority of us never had problems in our units and its just a couple that do the defaming over and over?
    Jim for a fact goes out of his way for everyone in the building. He signs for and delivers our packages,makes sure the snow is shoveled and everything clean,Also lets us park for free!!!!

    I hope Jim reads this and figures out that people take him for granted. As to his partner----thats shy he bought him out.

    Every thing that person complained about is just about a lie or there is a reason to it. We paid the taxes for him, No it was a common area and we, the condo assoc. voted it is ours and thats why we paid. Jim needs to wake up andcharge EVERYBODY including me that parks in HIS lot.

    So sick of some of these people!!!!!!!!!!

    You will not appreciate what you people had until its gone.

  15. HA! Phase 1 is for losers. Phase 2 is for their grandchildren.