Monday, January 21, 2008

Just Hanging Around

We have walked by this building at 4453 N. Broadway and often wondered what it was. The sign used to read "C.T.C.C." but it has been since ripped from the building and has been hanging for quite some time now. We came across this site and discovered, among other things, its a methadone clinic. It's great to know that in the span of two blocks on Broadway, we have two methadone clinics... although we aren't sure if this one offers free breakfast. Might we also point this business and countless others in Uptown to this website, offering grants to businesses to repair their signage and buildings.


  1. I hope you're not complaining about having two clinic in the area. Those two clinics are keeping hundreds of heroin addicts clean and off the streets. Without them you'd have plenty of active heroin users roaming the street looking for a way to fund their next high and they may do it by stealing your wallet or robbing your house. Also with drug addicts come drug dealers.
    These clinics don't effect you negatively in any way, heck how long was it before you knew what it even was.

  2. higgins r u 4 real? why doesn't mayor daley have to meth clinic near his house? why doesn't st helen have some on carmen? The clinics impact the neigbhorhood negatively because of the riff raff that hangs around.
    Also - I have called 311 to complain about the awning - that is a violation - also called on the condition of the building.
    Others please call 311 to complain about the awning and the condition of the building -

  3. And the people passed out in the doorway is also a good thing. Be happy they aren't passed out in your doorway. If we provide enough doorways, the problem will be completely solved.

    Just like it's OK for people to sleep in the Harris Bank drivethrough overnight during non-business hours. You see, that's much better than having them sleep there while you are trying to do your banking. So that's a positive, too. We need more drivethroughs for people to sleep in, because that will solve that problem also.

    Also, thank goodness for gangbanging drug dealers who shoot and kill each other. If they did not kill each other, we would be overrun with even more of them. We should provide them all with guns.

    Well, that last thought is interesting, because if they all had guns, they might actually all kill each other, which could really solve that problem. We're on to something big here...

  4. The really scarey part is that there are plenty of people out there who think like ttmhiggins and one of them is Ms. Helen. I bet those supporters are not inundated with social services in their neighborhoods.

    Enough is enough.

  5. And if you can't get what you need through the front of the building there's always been a good supply of the illegal stuff in the alley in back.

  6. Not to mention that it is located only two doorways South of the Grahm Stewart public elementary school.

    Maybe the alderman didn't notice this from her office across the street at 4544 N Broadway. Oh, that right, she doesn't give a damn just like she didn't give a damn about the sex offenders who resided in the homeless shelter formerly located between the school and the methadone clinic.

  7. Hi ya'll, my wife and I go to one of the clinics on Broadway and code restrictions or "scary people" aside, the clinic absolutely lowers crime and drug abuse in any area with drug addicts. Annecdotally, my wife and I were literally Uptown street junkys stealing, conning and lying every single day. However, for the last 4 years (since getting on MMT) we've been happy, productive people - I'm getting my Master's at DePaul (studying what else, drug treatment models) and my wife is an Interior Decorator downtown - havn't used or been tempted at all (Methadone is really amazing). Statistically, harm reduction is almost a proven philosphy - clearly demonstrating that no matter how good the outcome of treatment may be on each individual, it's a better result than without treatment. So from a pragmatic point of view, you just can't beat Methadone maintenence. I'm happy to provide any information for someone who needs help or knows someone that does.
    -David Frank