Monday, January 21, 2008

Groundbreaking News

Depends on your definition of groundbreaking. Two trucks were seen driving around the Wilson Yard lot today. Stand back. 10 days left in January.


  1. I'm hearing strong rumors that Target is definitely going in due to some "sweetening" of the deal.

    I looked at past city council minutes and Target is pretty good about placing some tight restrictions on surrounding retail and social services, and if that's the case, it could spoil Shiller's plans to keep this area delapidated. Her supporters may actually end up despising her because once in, the surrounding community often gentrifies on a faster scale.

    Other people who have work for Target tell me that building will start occurring in the Spring.

  2. The spring? But Mr. Holsten said ground would be broken in January. How can that be?

  3. Holsten has been beyond terrible with coming up with timelines. He's not the brightest kid on the block and he's also stuck with being forced to work with Shiller. No developer ever looks forward to working with her because of all the many restrictions and roadblocks she keeps throwing up.

    Hosten is over his head and it's obvious, but the color of money blinded him, not his story that he's in it for the common guy.

  4. Found an interesting facebook group that JP Paulus is the "chief" of... and Synovia Knicole Campbell (City Colleges of Chicago) is the Top Editor

    Group InfoName
    Geography - Neighborhoods
    is there anyone from uptown out there???
    No condo-dwellin starbucks drinking assholes allowed.

    has 92 members.
    JP has some interesting quotes on there too that talk about buenaparkneighbors message board. Nothing shocking though. Just more of the same from him.

    so now you can't own a condo OR drink starbucks ...NICE ?????

  5. p.s. sorry for the post that has nothing to do w/ wilson yard. (my previous post).
    I for one, am happy target "seems" to MAYBE really be coming... hip hip hurray for uptown! (if it really happens)

  6. "No condo-dwellin starbucks drinking assholes allowed. "

    I'm going to sit back and soak in the tolerance and love.

  7. definitely go check out the what the helen link above, that is some good reading about jp paulus! he preaches temperance and virtue yet has NONE OF IT. It's good reading.

  8. Whereas too much discussion of the JP link is kinda' off-topic, it is interesting to see that some of the posters over there seem to enjoy the status quo, and apparently have no issues living in filth.

    One person even harps on how the yuppies managed to have a local store stop selling malt liquor.

    Oh, uh ... the humanity.

    So, I guess these folks, and JP himself, would be less than thrilled to see any sort of progress in Wilson Yards, or elsewhere.

    Whatever. JP's nothing more than a keyboard warrior with deplorable HTML skills.

    He's really not even worth the time I've spent typing that he's not worth the time.

    (though, truth be told, I look forward to the ensuing flame war)

  9. I love the part about teaching "yuppies" such as myself how to "care about things" -- guided by JP.

    I guess the Court Advocates, community meetings, Clean & Green, block club, campaigns, shoveling the neighbors' sidewalks, block parties, positive loitering, calls to 311, calls to 911, etc., etc., just aren't caring enough.

    JP, you are a sad little man. Hope you enjoy the sanctimonious view of us uncaring lowlifes from Chatham.

  10. I think JP is misunderstood folks

  11. Have you ever noticed that many different people are all saying the same thing about jp? Maybe, just maybe they are all on to something.

  12. OH, I thought the pope was somehow going to be JP! HAHA

  13. It is amazing how long something can take to materialize here.
    I'm going on 3 years living in my place and am starting to get tired of how nothing new has really come into the neighrborhood and how some businesses have left. The Hull House Art Center, and that Furniture place next to it, in the Nick's on Wilson building .

    On JP's comment (sorry)
    I rent an apartment but drink Starbucks sometimes. Can I still join JP's group? Would I be allowed?

    Also, it's not like there are many other or any coffee houses in walking distance of the Wilson/Magnolia area.

  14. I meant the Pope comment to be under the "black smoke" rising comment about the Uptown Theater.

    Oh well. I blame society and the edumacational system.

  15. Bluestreak, you are of course welcome.

    "Anita Mandalay" is one of the members, so obviously we don't exclude people who don't agree.

    As for Starbuck' took me a while, but i actually do appreciate how Starbuck's does business and what impact they have not only for the local, but global community. i have details in this blg entry's comments

  16. JP when you go to bed at night do you worry about how your kid is someday going to figure out you are nothing but a phony, a poser? Someone who "speaks god's truth" and then says disrespectful things about people when you think your kid isn't looking?

    If nothing else, i take solace in that God has figured you out. Shame on you. You are a sad "representative" of his word. You are the opposite of what you preach, you must have a big hole in that soul of yours.

  17. Bluestreak,

    "Anita" took themselves off, but you (or anyone) is welcome there).

    Anon at 10:15 pm -- i have no doubt that Mia will see & know the real me. That's the way it is with every parent. But Jesus is for Losers (and the lyrics ) (There's also a cheap video on YouTube if you prefer )

    Anon at 11:29 PM...if you go by that logic, then ANYONE born in 1960, 1972, 1984 , 1996, etc. are disgusting vermin that need to be eradicated. i've heard of genocide by race & ethnic group, but by Chinese Zodiac sign???

  18. Well that was a nice time killer. Now, back to the countdown. Holsten has less than 1 week - only 4 business days - to make good on his January ground breaking. Me thinks he has lied to the press once again.

  19. Me thinks that it will again go over the heads of the press that Holsten is way off on his timeline again.