Friday, December 7, 2007

Uptown Chicago Commission Event

UCC invites you to a taste of Ethiopia at Demera (and help African families in Uptown)

Come and experience Ethiopian food, culture and hospitality at its best!

Tuesday, December 11th
7-8:30 pm
4801 N. Broadway
$25 includes tasting buffet and traditional honey wine, and/or sodas; cash bar

To help share your good fortune with others, please bring a new or gently used winter wear item for men, women or children. Items will be donated to Care for Real, a local organization assisting 80 African families who are spending their first winter in Chicago.


  1. Make sure to set aside 2 tickets for JP Paulus.

    He can start putting his money where his mouth is.

  2. great idea tonya!

  3. Why two tickets?

    Is JP going to be bringing his ego along?

  4. Would he bring his wife?

    Perhaps he can bring his senior pastor if the wife won't step foot in the neighborhood.

  5. The one thing I have noticed is the awful smell from Demuras cooking in the neighborhood.

  6. Now that is just mean. I didn't know Helen Shiller was posting on this blog.

  7. The smell from Demera's is wonderful...

  8. I've got to agree with Christopher. I got off the train yesterday and nearly just walked over there for dinner, it smelled so good.

  9. I've noticed when eating there that they have been nice enough to display post cards advertising the Uptown banner program along with their carryout menus. It is nice to see that they support the community is the way that they can as a new business just struggling to get started.

  10. Tried Demera last night. Good food, friendly and accommodating staff. Plus the interior is way more appealing than that of the restaurant that was there previously. Great addition to the intersection and to the neighborhood in general.