Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Developer: Uptown Target To Start Construction

By David Roeder, Staff Reporter
Chicago Sun-Times

Construction on a Target store in Uptown will begin in January, the developer of the community’s Wilson Yard site said today.

Peter Holsten, president of Holsten Real Estate Development Corp., said the store should be open by October 2009. He said construction also will start in January on the site’s 178 apartments, which are scheduled to open by the end of 2009.

The work would signify further progress on a controversial development site. Despite assurances from Holsten and Uptown’s alderman, Helen Shiller (46th), many residents have voiced doubts and criticism about the project.

The Wilson Yard property, a former CTA maintenance center, covers about four acres on the west side of Broadway between Montrose and Wilson, with the Red Line L tracks the western edge. An Aldi discount food store opened on the site’s north end earlier this year.

Holsten said Target Corp. has signed a lease for the property and that he’s meeting with company officials Friday to review financial and design details.

Target has never confirmed an intent to move into Wilson Yard, which has fueled skepticism in the neighborhood. Media relations staff at the Minneapolis-based company could not immediately be reached for comment.

Holsten said the store will cover 180,000 square feet and be built over a below-grade parking level, a design the retailer has adopted for other cramped land sites in Chicago. He said the Target will be the retailer’s standard format, not the one that includes a full-line grocery.

The housing component, financed by tax credits and debt from city and state agencies, calls for 98 rental units for seniors and 80 for families.

Holsten must market the apartments to people with low to moderate incomes. He said a family of four can qualify with an income of up to $50,000 a year.


  1. HMMM,

    interesting. It doesn't take 20 months to build apartment buildings of that size.

    I guess time will tell.

  2. Will not include a full line of groceries like a Super Target, or won't include groceries at all?

    I like how the Peterson has all of the basics for groceries. It's convenient at times. I would like the Wilson Yard Target (if it's real), to include the basics.

  3. Given it's our property tax dollars being spent, I'd like to see the contract and the design plans to make sure we don't get lesser substitutions like we did in the Aldi project.

  4. funny how we have to find out about this from the media but the media can't find time to ask questions and get the truth. this is just another holstein daley and shiller bs job

  5. Why do you think Holsten put out another press release without coordinating validation from Target? He knows that the news media and the community will check and confirm his claims. Once again we come up empty handed.

  6. E-mail columnist David Roeder and ask him to keep pressure on Shiller/Holstein for the truth!

  7. I'm not skilled in excavation or construction, but isn't site prep work and excavation nearly impossible during the coldest months in Chicago? Of all the months to start a project, January and February seem like poor choices.

    Anyone with insight on this?

  8. I'm not skilled in excavation or construction, but isn't site prep work and excavation nearly impossible during the coldest months in Chicago? Of all the months to start a project, January and February seem like poor choices.

    No, it just costs more to do it during the winter months and is harder on the equipment.

  9. Maybe we should get Helen out there to operate the steam shovel to try and dig out frozen earth for the basement herself, save some money on the project. We can take pics of her making a fool of herself doing it. Wouldn't it be fun to make a page of various pics of Helen? The one that keeps getting used with her on the microphone are priceless.

  10. Wow, I moved 16 months ago and check in to find that nothing has changed! The start of construction was mere moments away last summer, as I recall. Keep the faith and fight the power.

  11. guess this means Target will miss out on yet another x-mas retail season

  12. Hate to tell you guys this. But Target is coming. Not that i hate Target coming, but the rest, we'll see. Just hope for the best.

    But it's coming. Target execs are discussing it and calling it "Wilson Yard"... so be prepared to stop complaining you didn't know.

    Timeframe: July/Aug/Sept... say Fall of 2009.

  13. Telling me Target is coming is like Helen telling me that the Wilson L is going to be remodeled. Holsten announcing the date construction will begin is a joke because it keeps getting moved up year after year after year.

    What do you know that would have any of us believe you?