Friday, December 28, 2007

Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

By Corrinne Hess
Daily Herald Staff

Disappointing sales and a housing market slump are prompting Target Corp. to scrap plans to build several new stores in the Chicago area.
The decision affects at least three communities, including Antioch, where Target was one of three anchor stores planned for the Antioch Marketplace project.
"Antioch Marketplace is in flux right now," said Mayor Dorothy Larson. "I can't speculate if the project will move forward. I would certainly hope so."
Minneapolis-based Target has also shelved plans for new stores in Morris and on Ashland Avenue in Chicago.
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  1. Good thing those fences went back up, and more secured. We're obviously going to need them for a while.

    Any comment from Helen?

  2. UU,

    do you always need to be so cynical and sarcastic?

    You should be more like me. Hopeful. Cheery. A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

    Yea, more like me.

    Or perhaps not.

  3. I hate to buy into the conspiracy theory and the Helen/Holsten lying bit, but reading this, I can't help wondering why Target is upfront about these planned locations (which are now being axed), but so darned secret-squirrel about WY? The only two things I can think of are that either it was never planned (though that press release or whatever recently calls that into question) or there's something really, really stinky about the deal that IS bringing them. I'm leaning to the second.

  4. Target hasn't said they aren't coming to WY and they might have axed those other locations because the leases and terms of the transactions were higher than WY.

    I am sure the TIF money is pretty much giving them a free store with a low lease to come to WY.

    O well I don't care but would love to have Target close it would be great for hood.

    I don't buy into Helen is all bad and JC is all good. I can look at both of them objectively.

  5. Helen can't be 100% bad, granted. Someone posted on this site how she helped him out. Good for her.

    Still - the lack of decent retail up here is frustrating, and the Target/No-Target gig is getting kinda' old. Silly old.

  6. My bet is that Target is coming and the reason for being so non committal is that waiting has the pot sweetened more with our tax dollars, I mean TIF funds.

    A question for Hugh:
    Because it is our tax dollars at work, is there a way we can publicize how much money Target was given to sweeten the deal once it does happen?