Sunday, December 30, 2007

Drum Roll Please...

According to "Citizens Clear Map," the 46th Ward has had 5,797 crimes reported in our ward as of today, December 30, for the year 2007. You can check out the stats for our ward and other wards at their website. Just make sure to select "All Crime" under category. How does this compare to year's past? Is crime truly down in our ward?


  1. Thanks for pointing this out Craig. We aren't too far off from your final tally up in RP this year.

  2. congratulations helen - the most homicides = 46 ward in 2007 - way go helen way to go - suppose boy lawyer needs cases ... shame on you helen

  3. Mannie..While I saw that the 46th ward had 6 homicides, 6 too many, this still isn't the most homicides in the city. That unfortunate title goes to the 9th ward at 26.