Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tearing Down The House

We wonder why large pieces of green mesh are disappearing from the fencing surrounding our beloved Wilson Yard lot all along Broadway. We also wonder why the fencing has been pushed over yet again. Not a very secure lot Mr. Holsten, now is it? Maybe the "Target Coming Soon" sign is hidden under the mess somewhere.


  1. yes it's peter and helen's fault and this is why Uptwown is bad

    blame everything on them

  2. you hit the nail on the head buddy... you're right.... it's peter and helen's fault.... this is why Uptwown is bad

  3. I love your website.

  4. Dang, someone put the fence back up.

  5. Hey Helen, the fence blew over. Pick it up.

  6. > Lets be positive and continue moving forward.
    Sounds like a load of poo-poo coming from one of Shiller's lowly minions.

  7. Anonymous #1 has a point (in this comment and the other post, where they have figured out how to copy/paste): the winds were bad, and maybe it's a bit harsh to plant a big label of "bad" on Shiller/Holsten for this particular issue.

    It's unfortunate that Shiller's history is such that if we don't bitch about it, nothing will be done.

    Things go bad, for whatever reason, we point it out to Helen and .... nothing.

    Granted, the Riv needs to clean up its own; but, Wilson Yards fences are Helen's issue and should be taken care of immediately.

    What's the over/under on that actually happening within 6 months?

    We do need more than sarcasm to change things around here. Unfortunately, the level of commitment we rec'v from our Alderman is such that we know what to expect.

    Sucks that those expectations do not involve the words "progress," responsibility," "forward thinking" and/or anything that remotely resembles Shiller doing ... well, anything.

    Maybe if we all had heroin needles sticking out of our arms, or didn't have jobs, or were mentally unfit to be a productive member of society, she might listen to us.

    Nope. We're just hard working people who don't want to live with filth, crime, drugs, gangs, graffiti or an alderman who ignores her tax paying base.

    Face it. She sucks. To defend her is to defend regression, blight, stagnation and the crumbling of our immediate environment.

    Paint the Red Line station - fine. Great! But, that's Ron's work, not Helen's.

    Replace the lights under the El overpass. Sweet! It only took YEARS to get that done.

    WY has been vacant for what? 10 years?

    I'd love to be positive and "continue moving forward" -- however, it's hard to put a shine on the turd that Helen's laid in our laps. And I'll challenge anyone to demonstrate where Helen's done anything to keep the 46th ward "moving forward."

    Hell, I'll challenge anyone to demonstrate where Helen's done any "moving" whatsoever (beyond planting a sock puppet in the comments section of blogs).

  8. A lot gets blamed on Helen and not all of it is due. Her exceptionally lousy communication, antagnoism and denial caught up with her.

    Is it all fair? Maybe not, but she's reaping what she sowed and she STILL continues to be a poor communicator, antagoistic, and full of denial.

  9. I posted number 1 and have lived here in Uptown for a little over a year voted for JC after meeting both Helen and JC. Frankly, Helen seemed loopy and like she just didn't get it and we met her for a developer issues as building association.

    But it's funny to me how everyone blames her for everything.

    I didn't vote for her but she got elected so I am not going bash her every chance I get or blame her for everything because that is just silly and naive.

    I like my new condo and Uptown so I am not going to bitch about every little thing and drive the hood farther apart.

    As I have said before WY is a done deal so why even waste time bitching about it?

    This and the other blogs in Uptown are more silly than anything.

  10. The fence had holes in it LONG before this past windy weekend. And the fact that we have received so little info on the project IS Helen and Peter's fault.

    I personally like the sarcasm--too much craziness goes on in this ward (as well as this city) that our elected leaders treat like "business as usual," so kudos to you Uptown Updater for constantly pointing out the ridiculousness and hypocrisy!

  11. #9, welcome to the neighborhood, but let a full year pass on your presence in Uptown before you start lecturing the rest of us. Some of us have been in Uptown for a decade or more. A lot of vitriol is slung at Helen, I know, but it isn't without reason.

    As for WY, it is hardly a done deal. Buildings actually need to be constructed for that to be true. I'm not saying the crappy present plan won't come to fruition but if anyone believes that such a slow-moving project is really a done deal doesn't get it in my book.

  12. I'm so glad that the movie theaters are a done-deal too. Construction begins April '04!! And new Wilson El station is going to be completed by '02. The giant social services building on Wilson and Magnolia will also be extremely awesome. That should be done by 2000 . . .

  13. It's a done deal the housing portion of it.

    You are all wasting your time and energy on something you "little people" have no control over.

    WY is going to get built with low income housing whether you like it or not.

    I am sorry you bought near there. LOL.

    I will just keep my lazy ass near Lawrence in my lux condo.

  14. I just had lunch at the Palm.

    How many of you un lazy asses like me dine like that?

  15. Oh yeah? A couple weeks ago I took my lady to Red Lobster and let her get the 'Ultimate Feast.' Top that, Mr. Moneybags.

  16. Red Slopster o that's classy!

  17. This isn't Helen's fault. But it definitely IS Peter Holsten's fault! He is now the one in charge of that "building site", so complain to him, not the Alderman. Holsten needs to stay on top of this. Actually, he could be fined by the city if there were any actual work going on there.