Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Seen in the window of "Golden House Pancake Restaurant." For more info on Suzanne Elder, check out her website here. You can also join her at her campaign office on December 29 from 4-6pm, 4704 N. Kenmore, for a "holiday toast."


  1. Great, another "progressive" candidate. And her background is almost exclusively public policy, which means she's been sucking at the political breast for most of her professional life.

    Why does she look so pissed off? People like their candidates to smile.

  2. I think you should scan her bio. She's not exactly the teet-tweaker you think she is.

  3. I'll be voting for her, based on a few facts:

    - Carol Ronen pretty much tried to hand pick her successor, and I've had it with that (Todd Stroger, anyone?) Suzanne is NOT that person

    - She's a long-time neighbor' we've never met, but I've known of her activism for a few years

    - It would be great to have someone besides Helen Shiller and her toadies making decisions about what happens in this neighborhood.

  4. Of course I scanned her bio; it's public policy from top to bottom and reeks of yet another "the northside should be Berkley" retread.

    And she still looks pissed off. I'd guess her chances of being elected are in the low single digits.

  5. I've scanned Heather's bio and her public policy reeks of Rod Blagoivich. A very unpopular governor who's soon on his way to prison. I see Stean's numbers in the low single digits.

  6. anon 2:51 is right. Steans is far more dangerous than Elder. Take a look who she sleeps with. Her political endorsements are all machine entrenched candidates.

  7. Anonymous if you are looking for a viable candidate of the conservative persuasion you ain't gonna find it here. This is the north lakefront of Chicago. Republicans are a minority. Kerry carried these wards by around 80 to 20 in the 2004 election. This ain't Texas......yee haw.

    You choose between the candidates who are running. Elder is not a machine hack so I support her. If she wins and becomes a hack I will support someone else.

    Sometimes your choices are between having you way with Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba.(Hey this is my comment).

    Other times your choice is between two candidates who don't necessarily share your views. Pick the "least bad" one and vote.

  8. I realize I'll likely never see a viable conservative candidate around here in my lifetime.

    That said, since "progressive" actually translates to "bat s*** crazy liberal" as opposed to simply "liberal", I'll be avoiding anyone that labels themselves as such.

    I'll also avoid someone who is excessively schooled in politics yet lacks the simple political acumen to realize they're supposed to smile in their campaign literature.

    The corrupt machine is always preferable to the rank amateur (like that clown Peoples). At least the machine generally knows how to get a few modest things done.

  9. Elder's bio is nothing but public policy from top to bottom? I guess if you skip her business background. Reading really IS essential. So is history. Equating "Progressive" with "bat s**t crazy" makes Anonymous (1,4 & 8), hands down, the funniest poster on this blog.

  10. You mean the business background she goes into no detail about whatsoever?

    Considering her education, one can only assume she was a consultant to the companies she lists in a policy or policy related role. For those of us who don't know her personally, we can only make assumptions based on the what she chooses to emphasize.

    As for defining the "progressive" label, it's fairly obvious what colors your viewpoint. "Progressive" has traditionally been an indicator of extreme leftist beliefs. And while I, too, think it's amusing, it's certainly not for the same reasons you do.

  11. Mea culpa: I may have misattributed Mrs. Elder's "progressive"ism.

    While she does claim she's a social progressive, after a more thorough reading of her stand on the issues it's clear she's for more progressive spending.

    I applaud her calls for more oversight and accountability, but since she's basically advocating increased taxes and even more spending, it will certainly be needed.

    Here's a good rule of thumb: any candidate that proposes a raft of additional spending programs (while simultaneously fretting about the budgetary shortfalls of existing programs) and then proposes increases to personal income taxes, corporate income taxes, and a sales tax on services. Good God.

    Less public policy economics courses and more basic math, please.

    I further enjoyed her statements about crumbling mothers being economically devestated by the high cost of insurance and prescription drugs as well as that vast number of sexually abused women which are burdened by abortion notification legislation. "Won't someone please think of the children? The children?!"

    Nothing like emotional pandering based on the rarest of cases to make a point. This sort of pathetic, populist campaigning must stop. Forget "Pay To Play", this is the absolute lowest form of politics.

  12. Thank you for your commentary on your wife's competition, Leo.

  13. Aside from my paternal great-grandfather, who was a state senator in Wisconsin (under the, wait for it, Progressive ticket), no one in my family (by blood or marriage) has ever been involved in politics.

    Just an ordinary citizen eschewing the group hug.

  14. "Less public policy economics courses and more basic math, please."

    "This sort of pathetic, populist campaigning must stop."

    Here, here! You're my new f***ing hero.

    It's one thing to help the under-privileged and such, it's something entirely different (and short sighted) to toss the people who have to pay for it all under the bus in order to do it.

  15. I talked with Suzanne some and what sold me on her was that she entered the race much to the consternation of a number of elected officials who only wanted Heather Steans to run because they had already decided she was the candidate. That decision was made before Carol Ronen dropped out.

    Most of think we voted people in office but the real truth is that the decision was made for us and pushed in our direction. We just blindly followed their commands. The number of appointed officials in the 48th Ward is astounding. It wasn't done this time because there was fear of a revolt.

  16. Leave anonymous alone. He's clearly cranky and needs a nap. Besides, he seems incapable of the analysis required to solve the problems that face this state---like how we're going to dig ourselves out of all the debt that all those glad-handing and, dare I mention it, smiling candidates buried us in. Read a state budget lately? Being pissy for pissy's sake is a bore. The other candidate, Heather Steans, supports a tax increase, too. The candidates agree on this point for a reason. Brush up on your history, contextualize your candidates and pleeeze, get a grip.

    On a sep. note, I chatted with Suzanne last night at the regular DFA meeting. I mentioned the blog chatter and her response? "They can talk about me or they can talk to me. Give them my number." Her office number is 773-751-1205.

  17. Contextualize the candidates, eh? Two of s*** it still s***, unfortunately.

    I have no dog in this hunt. I simply found it amusing that this post was entitled "A Breath Of Fresh Air" when we're still talking about mealy-mouthed politicians. The "progressive" label was simply icing on the cake. Wow, what a bold and innovative position in these parts. On the freshness scale, I don't think we've escaped from the stale and rancid category.

    At any rate, why would I ever waste my time speaking with a politician? I don't minding wasting a few seconds tangentially touching on politics while engaged in some blog-style jocularity, but I prefer to keep my personal dealings among reputable people; and there are no intersections betwixt reputable people and politicians in the Venn diagram of life.

    I'd rather endure a root canal.

  18. I also forgot to mention that anyone that associates with DFA is an absolute freakshow.


    You folks crack me up. I imagine said meetings are filled with clowns and calliope music.