Tuesday, December 25, 2007

No Fences

The fencing that had been surrounding the Uptown Broadway Building at Leland and Broadway has been removed and the top layer of concrete has been added, forming the final sidewalk. Thankfully, no thugs were able to carve gang tags into the drying concrete.


  1. I was walking up to Fat Cat the other night, and walked across this patch of sidewalk. I'd never realized how absolutely stunning the sidewalks in Uptown can be.

    Nice and wide, and just aching for some TLC. If there were ANY decent retail along Broadway, well, shoot!

    Hopefully this is a harbinger of things to come and not just a minor hiccup.

    There is so much promise in this area. We all need to figure out a good way to take full advantage.

    Methinks the first step is to, obviously, get rid of Shiller.

    We need an alderman with some vision and a desire to make all of her/his constituents happy; not just the bottom dwellers of society.

  2. I love that building. Any ideas what the plans are for it?