Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Uptown's Own Christmas Market

Gee, our "Currency Exchange Peddler" appears to be moving up in the world. A reader sent in pics of his latest hi-jinks near the corner of Broadway and Wilson, and this time he has a large white moving van to transport his "goods" around in. The reader spotted a used microwave oven, a used BBQ grill, a used plastic Christmas angel lawn ornament, VHS tapes, crock pots, kids toys, and other household items. Do the police turn a blind eye to this in Uptown?


  1. This looks like a "fencing" operation to me... Call the police the next time you see it.

  2. Agreed. And this photographer believes that They belong on the "other side of the bars."

  3. I know that the SSA #34 Project Manager looked into this (unlicensed vendors are not fair to those who are licensed) and I believe after pressure this guy actually went and got a license.

    I would call police and have them check, I think it is the department of revenue that actually cares and shuts vendors down.

  4. There are several vendors operating on this corner. Teddy Bear man got his license. Lotion Lady, we're not sure. Truck Peddler - definately no license.

    They don't issue licenses for what "Dime bag" man with the huge round, gold belt buckle and "Scale Man" wearing the navy "Fuck You" hat sell on that corner.

  5. We need to pry our coppers away from the 7-11 at Clark and Hutchinson and get them to eat their dounts in the Dunkin Dounts at Wilson. Then, they might see what is going on in that lot.

    It wouldn't hurt for them to eat lunch inside Uptown BBQ either. They might just see or hear a few deals going down. I know I do.

  6. Even if some of the vendors have finally gotten licenses, the crew parked at the SE corner of Wilson still aren't complying with the rules for push cart vendors.
    #1. They need to have some form of cart
    #2. They can't hang their stuff on fences
    #3. They can't display their belongings on the sidewalk instead of in their carts
    #4. They can't can't place 7-10 milk crates on the sidewalk for and their buddies and them to sit on.
    #5. They can't park their push carts in one spot continuously throughout the day and every day each month. They have to move around the neighborhood so that they don't take over one corner.
    #6 They can't set up shop in the bus shelters

    These are the daily infractions that the local police are supposed to control after the Dept of Revenue issues the licenses and does major inspections.

    My stomach and I agree that are many wonderful vendors on Wilson and in our park who do comply with these ruels and do sell great items.