Monday, November 5, 2007

New Business On Wilson at Beacon

Spotted today on Wilson at Beacon. "Express Chicken & Ribs" will be opening soon. We have about 8 more empty storefronts to fill on Wilson from this location to Broadway. We are one less vacant storefront closer to Wilson becoming a bustling "retail corridor." Ribs, anyone?


  1. Whatever happened to House of Ribs? Last I checked they were operating out of Godfathers, but I haven't ordered from them recently. Are they still in operation?

  2. So the coffe shop across from Truman College is dead?
    WTF? Helen's version of prosperity is creating a neighborhood environment where businesses die after less than a year.
    Helen Schiller bringer of all things hopeless

  3. Umm, with respect, the vast majority of new business don't last 12 months.