Monday, November 5, 2007

'El Pollo Loco' Construction Begins

Seen today at Sheridan and Wilson.


  1. Hopefully I will like the Crazy Chicken at this place. I miss the KFC.

    I like Jake's broasted chicken, but every once in awhile I just gotta have some fried chicken.

    I don't care if it shaves years off my life. I might as well die early and enjoy chicken.

  2. El Pollo Loco is some decent fast food chicken.

    They're all over the left coast and are big draws amidst the latino crowd.

  3. Yes! It will be good to have something actually existing at that corner again.

  4. man, i really don't know what to think about el pollo loco. Is that really the only fast food chain that wants to build in uptown? Does El pollo know that popyes is just around the corner? Doesn't make much sence. I wouldn't call a neighborhood 'up and coming' when the best they can attract is El Pollo. ....One day uptown, we'll get our grandeur back!